But Chu Tianming also did not think, just who is afraid to die, the heart is also blessed not to have zombies, and now complain that no zombies rushed out, is really self-contradictory guy. Chapter 10 first kill (middle). Sitting on the ground to recover a little bit of strength, mainly Chu Tianming found his hands have been shaking, it is not easy to let them stop, Chu Tianming this hand on the ground to stand up. Probe looked at the stairs behind the iron gate, Chu Tianming did not find any traces of blood, presumably no one tried to come up. Go down and have a look. If you find a lone zombie, you'll solve him! Thinking secretly in his heart, Chu Tianming slowly walked down the stairs holding the steel bar tightly in both hands. The lower floor of the roof is the dormitory on the fifth floor, where some senior one students live. Chu Tianming also lived in the first year of high school, so naturally he is quite familiar with the fifth floor. From the roof down to the fifth floor of the stairs on the left side is a bathroom, the right side is a row of bedrooms, there is only one bedroom opposite the stairs, when Chu Tianming carefully looked down from above, found that the door of the bedroom is closed. It must have been at night when the virus broke out, so these dormitories should be closed. At the thought of this situation, Chu Tianming immediately gave a wry smile. Does this not mean that he is the only human in the whole dormitory building! At the thought of facing so many zombies, Chu Tianming's heart suddenly felt a burst of hair. There are four dormitory buildings in Huayao No.1 Middle School, including two for girls and two for boys. Chu Tianming's dormitory building is divided into five floors, with thirteen dormitories on each floor. And a bedroom will generally live about eight people, that is to say, Chu Tianming in this dormitory building if everyone is infected into a zombie, then Chu Tianming will have a person to face a full 520 zombies. However, zombies should be thoughtless, that is to say, they will not open their own doors, as long as I do not open the door from the outside, they can not come out! Thinking of this, Chu Tianming felt a little more relaxed. If really let now weak, only a steel bar of Chu Tianming to face a full 520 zombies, Chu Tianming or feel that he committed suicide! But now the situation is a little better, after all, the bedroom doors are closed, so that zombies can not come out at all, and Chu Tianming only need to open the door of a bedroom to release a few zombies, and then solve one by one, so that he will be much easier. Thinking of this, Chu Tianming grinned, but the next moment, Chu Tianming was stunned. Nima, where did I get these dormitory keys? Chu Tianming sadly found that he did not have the keys to these dormitories at all, so is it difficult for him to smash the door? I believe that if Chu Tianming really does this, it will definitely attract all the zombies in the campus, after all, grey marble slab ,Silver Travertine Slabs, now it seems that the whole campus is very quiet, as long as Chu Tianming makes a little noise here, it will certainly attract countless zombies siege. No way! You can't smash the door, so it seems that you have to go downstairs to the manager's room to get the key, but. Lowering his head and looking at the deep stairs, Chu Tianming swallowed his saliva with a gurgle. Spell, do not spell, I can only starve to death here, spell a spell, perhaps can survive, and I get the dead system has not been upgraded! How can you starve to death like this? In the heart mercilessly gave oneself to cheer up, in the face of such a choice, Chu Tianming even if no longer want to fight, also have to fight on a fight! These thoughts flashed through his mind, and Chu Tianming tightened the steel bars in his hands before slowly walking down the stairs. On the fifth floor, the doors of the thirteen bedrooms were closed, and Chu Tianming, standing at the top of the stairs, could even hear a low roar from the 507 bedroom opposite. The voice is not big, far away from even can not hear very clearly, but standing at the top of the stairs Chu Tianming is very clear, at the same time his heart is also sure that these rooms are really zombies! 'Gudu! ' After swallowing saliva, Chu Tianming glanced at the thirteen bedrooms on the fifth floor and walked directly to the fourth floor. A staircase has ten sections, Chu Tianming step by step down, he dare not make the slightest sound, to know that the doors of these dormitories are made of wood, Chu Tianming can not guarantee that they will be smashed by those zombies, if those zombies run out collectively, Chutianming will die! Walking carefully step by step to the fourth floor, Chu Tianming glanced at the thirteen bedrooms on the fourth floor at the same time. Yeah, it's all closed. Seeing that the dormitories were closed intact, Chu Tianming stopped paying too much attention and went directly to the third floor. Soon, Chu Tianming spent five or six minutes, and finally walked to the first floor. Opposite the staircase entrance on the first floor is the room of the administrator of the dormitory building. The room of the administrator is a little bigger than the student's dormitory, just at the door of the dormitory building. As it happened, the door was facing the stairway, so when he came down, Chu Tianming had already confirmed that the door was half open, while the door outside the dormitory building was closed, with two glass doors inside and a left-right stretching iron door outside. At this time, whether the iron door or the glass door are closed, from the perspective of Chu Tianming, there is no ghost outside, but faintly, Chu Tianming can still see some shaky figures in the distance. Zombie! Chu Tianming recognized those figures, these are clearly zombies, and only zombies will walk slowly at this time, but Chu Tianming estimates that they want to walk faster can not do it! Because he saw the zombies outside, so Chu Tianming did not dare to walk so openly, in case the zombies nearby saw his fresh life, but also had to rush up crazily! Although there are iron doors and glass doors outside,Grey Marble Slab, but these still can not bring Chu Tianming too much confidence, so he still chose to squat slowly forward. One step, two steps.. Soon Chu Tianming saw the corridor of two rows of dormitories on the first floor. forustone.com