"Are you still angry?"? Didn't you see that the onlookers were about to kill people! If I don't cover your mouth, I'm afraid someone else's fist will cover your mouth! Hearing the words of Fengwu, Yan Xiao rolled his eyes angrily, stretched out his hand to Fengwu's forehead, and said helplessly. Really do not know how the wind dance and ar can be so boring, two people can not understand the language can still quarrel for so long, but also thanks to the presence of Korean people do not understand Chinese, if this understand what the wind dance is, I am afraid I can not help but come up to beat the wind dance. Rao is do not understand what the wind dance, looking at the wind dance aggressive to the ar scold to scold, already some people can not help it. If Yan Xiao didn't pull Feng Wu away by force just now, the consequences would be unimaginable. Feng Wu heard the words of Yan Xiao, quite a sudden taste of enlightenment, he just scolded ar scolded too much, actually forgot that this is in Korea, this is the territory of others ar! Chapter 659 fight again (third watch). But even if this is in Korea, so what if it's in the territory of ar? As long as their sup team can win the game, no matter where it is, it can also make the er team can no longer raise their heads. In the face of ironclad facts, any language of refutation is powerless, just like the last World Finals, China's achievements are criticized, even if they have tens of millions of disobedience in their hearts, before they come up with results,inflatable amusement park, they can not defend anything. If the last World Finals was a nightmare for the Chinese team, then this year, it will be a nightmare for the Korean team! The second round of the group match has begun, and the sup team is once again against the er team. After the failure of the first round of group matches, the er team went back to reflect and adjust their strategies, and the sup team's battle today was even more difficult. Hum! Don't be complacent, today's game must be good for you! Before going on stage, he specially stopped Yan Xiao and Feng Wu, with a confident and resentful smile on his lips,Inflatable dry slide, as if he had foreseen his victory, and sneered at Yan Xiao and Feng Wu. Yan Xiao and Feng Wu looked at each other, saying that they didn't know what ar was, but it didn't matter if they didn't know what ar was. The momentum couldn't be weak. Feng Wu immediately hit back, "What are you staring at? What are you laughing at? You didn't lose enough last time, did you?" When he heard the words of Fengwu, he couldn't help smiling. He was really convinced by the two stooges, ar and Fengwu. He couldn't understand the language and could pinch each other every time they met. Obviously, ar didn't want to have a dialogue with Fengwu any more. He threw his clothes directly and walked away. Seeing ar's arrogant attitude, Fengwu really wanted to jump over and hit him, but he held back and asked Xia Kite next to him, "Goddess of Kite, what happened to that guy just now?" "He told you not to be complacent and to watch the game today." The summer kite will translate the words of ar, deceiving the frost to win the face of the snow can not see too much emotion, but if you look carefully, you can still see a bit of sharp light from her black eyes. Standing beside the summer kite, Yan Xiao heard the words of the summer kite, Inflatable water park factory ,inflatable bounce house with slide, black eyes inside is also a sharp blade-like light, this fine cold awn slowly cast on the figure of the front ar, Yan Xiao gathered in the sleeve of the hand slightly tight. This] 10] 10] 10 [10], m. ≥ .co + mar is really not dead until he reaches the Yellow River. He has lost to their sup team several times, but he is still so arrogant? Do you want them to look good in this game? Let's see who wants to look good. Er team and sup team's group match is undoubtedly the most exciting match in the group match, the two most popular champions meet in the group match, that is not equal to let the audience see the finals in advance? Therefore, the audience is also very much looking forward to this game, especially the Korean audience, one by one looking forward to, all hope that the er team can regain its glory and defeat the sup team. In the expectation of the audience, the line-ups between the two sides was finalized. The sup team chose the troll on the single, Lulu in the single, the leopard woman in the wild, and the combination of the big mouth and the wind woman. The er assault group here is Bobby on the single, rob in the single, the spider hits the wild, the next road combination is the cannon adds the bull head. Yes, from the beginning of the selection stage, er team and sup team are quite competitive. After the sup team grabbed the big mouth, ar immediately followed the hand to choose the assassin hero robbery. In the first match of the group match, it was because he didn't choose the assassin hero that Yan Xiao's Ize was so arrogant. This time, Yan Xiao dared to take out a big mouth without displacement. Isn't that asking for death?! Is the big mouth strong in this version? Really strong, especially to the late one second five spray, really no one can stand, but he doesn't care whether he is strong or not, dare to choose this kind of ADC without displacement in front of his ar, he will let him know what is called despair! Originally, he also thought that if Yan Xiao continued to choose Yize, even if he chose robbery, it would be difficult to kill Yize who wanted to kill Yan Xiao, after all, Yize had flexible displacement, and after the late ice boxing, it was quite disgusting, but Yan Xiao actually chose Big Mouth without fear of death, so don't blame him! Even if he does not sanction Yan Xiao, Yan Xiao chose a weak ad like Big Mouth in the early stage, and he didn't put No1 and srty in his eyes, did he?! Choose a bull's head to force him, and kill him every minute! Just when he was immersed in his proud calculation, Xia Kite and Feng Wu both chose Feng Nu and Lulu. Feng Nu, the hero, whether online or in the group, has a very good ability to protect herself, and Lulu, the hero, is the nemesis at the moment, especially the hero of robbery. A big move immediately turns you into an animal. If the other party keeps up with the control at this time, You really can't run away. The sup team took down this big mouth, which was clearly calculating ar. Is to force ar to take out the assassin hero, and then in the ar to take the assassin hero, immediately take the wind female and Lulu such double protection line-ups,Inflatable outdoor park, plus the troll such front row on the single in front, there is a leopard female can milk up, sup team this set of line-ups can take is very perfect. joyshineinflatables.com