"No, Sakura," Kakashi said, correcting Sakura's mistake. "There are no ninjas in the land of waves. Although different countries have different cultures and customs, almost all countries have ninja villages. For many countries on the mainland, the ninja village can be regarded as a military force of a country. That is to say, in order to maintain a balanced relationship with other countries. But ninja villages are not controlled by the state, and their status can be said to be equal. A small island nation like the Land of Waves, which is not easily interfered by others, does not need a ninja village at all. Among the countries with ninja villages, the five countries of fire, water, thunder, wind and earth have a large territory and strong strength, so they are called the five ninja countries. Konoha Ninja Village in the Land of Fire, Fog Hidden Ninja Village in the Land of Water, Cloud Hidden Ninja Villages in the Country of Thunder, Sand Hidden Ninja Villages in the Country of Wind, Rock Hidden Ninjas in the Kingdom of Earth, only these five countries can call their leaders'shadows'. Hokage, thunder shadow,Inflatable indoor park, water shadow, wind shadow and earth shadow are the so-called "five shadows". It is the strongest ninja above tens of thousands of ninjas in the world. "I can't see how great that old man is. It's hard to believe." Tianyin said with a wink, apparently thinking of someone peeping into the women's bathroom. = =||| "Na, Kakashi teacher, you drink some water, said so much." Xiao Ying took out the water bottle and gave it to the teacher. (Hey, Scarecrow,Inflatable indoor park, be careful of cheating. = =|||) "Thank you." Their own disciples are still very concerned about themselves, Kakashi drank the water heart way. But it's really hard for Kakashi Sensei. Do you have to give the above paragraph to the client every time you go on a mission? Sure enough, Konoha's advertisements are everywhere, and the publicity is really in place. Sakura continued to say with a black belly. Poof- "The expected Kakashi spray, catch up with what I said before you do not believe ah." BAGA。” Sasuke's cool opening. Sakura gallant, either rape or theft, will be deceived are fools, has been a fool for many years when the small group of fans silently heart way. = =||| At this time, Dazner finally understood that even if he had the support of the teacher, the teacher would still be punished by his students. I must be obedient, otherwise I will definitely not see the sunrise tomorrow. No, it's today's sunset, Dazner thought sadly. = =||| Change the subject, change the subject, change the subject. Kakashi is in trouble now. Why does this look the best? The most obedient (big mistake!) The most honest (big mistake!) The female students are also so'black '. = =||| "Na, Inflatable 5k obstacle ,Inflatable mechanical bull, in fact, you don't have to worry, there will be no ninja duel in the C-level mission." Kakashi succeeded in finding the topic and began to change. = =||| "What a rotten topic ~ ~" Tianyin, who knows very well what Kakashi is thinking, opens his mouth to vomit. " I know Kakashi is decadent. Very lame topic ~ ~ "Sasuke spoke." I understand. Kakashi has shrunk. Barely satisfactory- "Sakura added." I There was no sound, and Kakashi was surrounded by black lines and black fog. —-—||| “……” Seeing that Kakashi had been hit like this, the three of them finally decided to let him go. Several people began to walk quietly forward, the whole audience depressed ah ~ ~ ~-| | | No one spoke along the way, and Kakashi scratched his head wildly. If he went on like this, his identity as a teacher would be completely looked down upon by his client. You think too much. = =) Thinking like this, Kakashi suddenly saw two puddles on the side of the road. There were enemies. It was a good chance to show his power. Kakashi, who was in a state of alert, took a glance at the three students who were still as unresponsive as before. He was gratified. After all, he was still a newly graduated, inexperienced rookie. Kakashi felt good about himself. (You pervert ~ = = | | |) On this side, Kakashi was cranky, but on the other side, Tianyin made a move. Tianyin went to the puddle and squatted down. = =||| Are you going to come out by yourself, or are you going to let me pull you out. ”O(∩_∩)O~~ “……” = = B Sakura “……” = = B Sasuke “……” Mouth! Dazner “……” Mouth!!! B Kakashi Lazy tone, helpless expression, a series of movements to see Kakashi's little heart, ah, fluttering. Tianyin, you always have a bad heart. Don't scare me. God, who can tell me what's going on. — mouth — | | | Seven groups of bosses, the biggest millionaires. There are many things in the world that are unknowable, such as the current situation. = =||| As soon as Tianyin's words fell, the puddles fluctuated. Kakashi stared at him and immediately reached out to pull Tianyin. At that moment, two men jumped out of the puddle and immediately stood in front of Tianyin-saluting. Hello, Miss Tianyin. Very imposing to say hello, Leng is Kakashi surprised to stand in place, the hand is still holding to grasp the posture of Tianyin. On the other side, Dazner's eyes almost popped out in fright, and the sound of raising a finger trembled and trembled. Seeing this scene, Sakura yawned, and Sasuke shrugged his shoulders. Things are moving in a weird direction again. = =||| "Why are you here?" Tianyin tilted his head doubtfully. Go back to the eldest lady and get the task to assassinate Dazner. One of them answered. Oh, the assassination of Dazner. "Tianyin looked back and casually forgot Dazner. It was obvious that Dazner shivered. Tianyin withdrew his sight and then asked," Who is the client? " "Miss Hui, yes." Another person was about to open his mouth, but Tianyin opened his mouth again and suddenly said, "No need to say, I'm probably clear." "Nah, can Mr. Dazner explain that for us?" It was Sakura who opened the mouth this time. This Dazner's expression was obscure, as if there was something unspeakable. "Well, don't be so serious." Seeing this, Kakashi,Inflatable water park on lake, who has always been peaceful, came out to smooth things over and said, "Mr. Dazna seems to have something difficult to say. Let's not be impatient. Let Mr. Dazna think about it first." 。 joyshineinflatables.com