Yunlei raised her hand to greet him. Zhang Fengfu reined in his horse's head and asked, "Where is your friend?" Yunlei was stunned and said, "Have you seen him?"? I just came from you. Zhang Fengfu hesitated for a moment and said, "Then it's really strange. Why did he lure me out to play hide-and-seek and go around in circles in the wilderness?" "What?" Asked Yunlei? He lured you out? What about the black and white Maha? "You mean the two monsters you met in the canyon yesterday?" Asked Zhang Fengfu? I didn't see them. After I sent you away, I was sitting quietly in my room, thinking about how to deal with the consequences of this, when I heard someone knocking three times outside the window and saying, 'Brother Zong, I'm coming!' This man's light body skill is so extraordinary that even I can't hear it. As soon as I jumped out, I saw him smiling and waving from the roof. What? And you asked who he was? Of course it's your friend on the white horse. What's his name? Well, Zhang Danfeng. This man's behavior is really mysterious, I really want to pay with him, immediately catch up with him. As soon as the man shook his body, he flew over two rooftops, and the speed of his body was beyond description. I guessed that he could not talk with me in the inn, so he led me out. I ran two blocks and saw two horses waiting at the corner. Zhang Danfeng said, "Get on the horse." He rode the white horse first, and I jumped on another horse and galloped out of the city. I thought he must have stopped his horse to talk to me, but he was still running forward. He didn't listen when I called him, and he couldn't catch up with him. When he was out of pursuit, he slowed down his horse's hooves and led me around on the moor, which was really strange. "And now?" Asked Yunlei. "He's passed the mountain depression over there," said Zhang Fengfu. I heard you calling in the back, so I stopped chasing him. Well, you just came from my place? Can anyone feel it? "What are you talking about?" Said Yunlei with a smile? All your men have been killed by Black and White Maha! Zhang Fengfu jumped up and said, "Does the black and white Maha have such courage?" "It's not really death,ultrasonic spray nozzle, but it's not much different from death," said Yunlei. I will elaborate on the unusual situations I have encountered. Zhang Fengfu heard that all the people in the inn were still asleep, and spraying cold water on their faces had no effect. He said thoughtfully, "Well, this is really what Black and White Maha did.". There is a strange fragrance in the Western Regions, which is the most powerful ecstasy. It is called'Cock crows and five drums return to the soul '. There is no medicine to solve it until dawn. If it comes to dawn, you will wake up. Although the evil spirit is tight, it is harmless to people. Look at this situation, Zhang Danfeng and black and white Maha came together, Zhang Danfeng led me away, and then black and white Maha released incense. I asked myself why they played such a big joke with me when I had no quarrel with black and white Maha and had a small friendship with Zhang Danfeng. "I don't understand, either," said Yunlei. Go on in detail with the strange things you saw in the inn. When Zhang Fengfu heard that the Iron-armed Golden Ape and the Three Foil Swords were coming together, his complexion changed greatly. "Aren't they your own people?" Asked Yunlei? What are you afraid of? Zhang Fengfu shook his head and said with a sad smile, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, "Don't ask. Let's go on." Yunlei said the strange thing she had encountered in one breath, and when Zhang Fengfu heard the young officer, he smiled bitterly. "I don't know why the young officer hates him so much," said Yunlei. Yunlei naturally hides Zhang Danfeng's identity. Zhang Fengfu hesitated for a long time and said, "Look at Zhang Danfeng. He's not a bad person.". Why does the cloud commander hate him? I'd like to find out. When Yunlei heard the word "cloud", her face was pale and tottering. "What's the matter with you?" Asked Zhang Fengfu, hurriedly extending his hand. "It's nothing," said Yunlei, pulling her horse away. What's the officer's name? "His surname is Yun and his given name is Qianli," said Zhang Fengfu. "Why do you ask him?" The word "thousand miles" is combined into the word "heavy", and Yunzhong is the elder brother who broke up with Yunlei when he was young. Yunlei had no doubts at this time, and her heart was full of joy and panic. Happy is brother and sister, after all, meet again, panic is he and Zhang Danfeng potential into fire and water. "Do you know each other?" Asked Zhang Fengfu. "He looks like a friend of mine when I was young," said Yunlei. Well, when did he come back? "Come back?" Asked Zhang Fengfu? Do you also know that he came back from Mongolia? He has been in the imperial guards for less than a month. I am the commander of the Royal Guards and the commander of the imperial guards. I happen to be his superior. Although I have been with him for a short time, I am congenial. According to him, two generations of his ancestors were Han Chinese who stayed in Waci and suffered from bullying, so they fled back. He was determined to be a general so that he could lead his troops to destroy Waci in the future. So first in the imperial guards mix a family background, prepare to test this year's special martial arts, if in the martial arts champion, that can fulfill his life's wish. Yunlei sighed and said, "He wants to be an official for revenge, but I'm afraid he may not be able to fulfill his wish.". Lord Zhang, please tell me that it is not the Ming court that really resists Hu Lu. Zhang Fengfu kept silent and said for a long time, "What you have seen may not be the case. There are all ministers in my court who are loyal and sworn to resist foreign aggression. The elder Yu Qian is an honest minister admired by millions of people." Yunlei was not familiar with the affairs of the imperial court and did not distinguish from him at the moment. Zhang Fengfu saw that Yunlei was very concerned about the young officer, so strange that he was about to ask again when he heard a horse neigh, and Zhang Danfeng ran back on a white horse. "Hey," cried Zhang Fengfu, "what on earth are you doing? Your best friend is here. Stop playing hide-and-seek! Zhang Danfeng's white horse, like a flying horse, arrived in a flash. He first said to Zhang Fengfu, "Offend me!" Then he said to Yunlei, "Hello!" Holding the saddle, Yunlei said coldly, "Don't worry about it." Zhang Fengfu saw that the two of them did not look like good friends, which was strange and inexplicable. But eager to know what he meant, he had no time to meddle in other people's affairs. "Brother Zhang, you and I have a friendship," he asked bluntly. "Why did you and Black and White Maha come to my house to make trouble?" Zhang Danfeng looked up to the sky and laughed, intoning, "You don't know a lot of pains. It's useless to talk about your enmity in front of others.". I ask you,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, do you know who came to spy on you? Zhang Fengfu's face changed and he said, "Do you know?"? Iron Arm Golden Ape Dragon Zhenfang and Sanhua Sword Xuanlingzi are also here. "Yes," said Zhang Danfeng. "Don't you understand why they came here?" 。