"Does it have anything to do with whether the giant Terran corpses are in this place?" Of course there is! And the relationship is very big! Haven't you ever thought about a question? If the giant dogs knew where they came from, why didn't they just take the giant dogs and walk away? There aren't many of their people left! "And it is reasonable to say that after so many people died in the giant human race, the rest of the people should have the idea of leaving this place directly!"! And according to the past events of twenty years ago mentioned by Zhu Xie, when they discovered this place twenty years ago, these giant humans were almost dead! But they did not leave this place! Why? That's because there are things they can't bear to part with! What is that thing? Not the thing that Yang Xiu had always thought of to help him become king! "But the bodies of their people all over the city!"! They want to take them back with them! Fallen leaves return to their roots! "So they stayed, and they stayed for twenty years!" Then Wen Qing looked at Ye Shen. "Haven't you always wanted to know what these bedside babies have been doing for twenty years?"? They're building something, and now they don't know what it is! But what is certain is that this thing is intended to be used to carry back the bodies of tens of thousands of giant Terran people! "This thing has been made by the bedside baby spirit for twenty years!"! Worn out a hundred sharp axes a year! Day and night, think about how big something can hold tens of thousands of corpses, you can imagine how long this project will take! Ye Shen nodded, obviously agreeing with Wen Qing's statement! "What on earth is this thing?" Wen Qing shook his head, "this is not known for the time being!"! And we didn't find any sign of any new activity in this place, which means that the thing that has been built is not here! There are probably tens of thousands of corpses there! "Tens of thousands of corpses & the place where the bodies are stored must be very conspicuous!"! As soon as we find those tens of thousands of corpses,fake blossom tree, we'll know what they built! Said, Wen Qing took a look at Zhao Cheng! What she meant was obvious, and it was obvious that there was definitely room in the ground that they hadn't found! She wants to find it! How could Zhao Cheng not know Wen Qing's intention! He pondered for a moment and then said, "Let's stay here and not go anywhere!"! Just wait for the sacrificial ceremony to begin! Wen Qing turned her face away, she knew that Zhao Cheng had only one goal,faux ficus tree, that is, the thing that Yang Xiu had been thinking about for twenty years! The thing that can make an ordinary person a king! He is not interested in anything else! As the saying goes, it is better to do less than more! He didn't care what they built or how they carried the bodies of the giant Terrans away. Why should he care? Those bedside babies need his help and promise to show him the thing at that time! And he feels that the possibility of this transaction is very high, which is enough! Wen Qing, of course, also knows what Zhao Cheng is thinking! She asked, "Do you think the bedside babies will keep their promises?" Zhao Cheng laughed and said, "I wasn't sure just now, but after hearing what you said, decorative palm trees ,artificial plant wall panels, I'm suddenly a little sure now!"! I think they will keep their promise. Wen Qing pulled the corners of her mouth, "how do you say that?" Zhao Chengdao, "The giant human race captured the townspeople of Qingse Town. Do you think it's really because one of them caused a corpse of their people to be weathered?" Wen Qing was stupefied. Zhao Cheng continued, "This is just a trap they set up, as you said, when their people died in large numbers, they came up with the idea of leaving this place!"! But they didn't leave right away! Because they want to bring back the bodies of their people! "Or it can even be understood that way!"! They may not even want to leave this place, do not want to return to their homeland! It was because of the death of their people that they were forced to return! Because they want to take them back to their homeland, bury them in their homeland, and return to their roots, so that their souls can return to their homeland! Yes! Wen Qing has always thought that maybe because of the death of their people, they are disheartened by the outside world, so they want to return to their homeland! She never thought, there is another possibility, that is, Zhao Cheng said, perhaps people do not want to go back at all! I was just forced to go back! Zhao Cheng continued, "In short, this is just a set under the giant human race!"! Set a trap for the whole town of Green Town! Then he sighed, "What kind of race is this?"? It's just horrible! Not only the force is extraordinary, but also extremely intelligent! It's not the kind of reckless man with a developed mind and simple limbs! Chapter 139 Surfacing 2. "Set up a set?" "What happened in Green Town was a trap set by the giant Terrans for the townspeople of Green Town?" Wen Qing pondered carefully and felt that it was not impossible! Zhao Chengdao, "I think so, you think, why did the remaining giant human race not appear after the townspeople of Blue Town discovered the underground city?"? When they took the pearls, they didn't show up! Until they stole the female corpse of the giant Terran people, they still did not appear! Do you think they don't know? I don't think so! Everything that happens in the dungeon is in their hands! Even the discovery of this underground city was deliberately guided by them! Deliberately let them know that there is such a place underground! "Tens of thousands of bodies, how do they know one of them is missing?"? Are they going to count? This is impossible! "The townspeople of Green Town thought this was the case!"! When they took the pearls from the dungeons and even stole the female corpses, they didn't think there were giant people alive at all. Until they saw the living giant man, they changed their minds again! At first,outdoor ficus tree, I didn't see the living giant people in the dungeon. They should have gone out! And then all of a sudden, without warning, the giant Terrans came back from their outing! 。 hacartificialtree.com