He was eagerly looking for my lips, no longer needed words for a moment, but I finally realized the problem: if I was the first one, I could go to the beautiful grassland to travel, how free and carefree, shouldn't I be ecstatic? But now for the sake of parting and heartache, why? Terrible. I've changed. Is it Yin Zhen or the so-called love that changed me? It's not important, but I can't forget myself. I felt that I had unconsciously straightened up and perked up a little, just like Yin Xiang had just done. Outside people's low busy footsteps have gradually quieted down, probably ready, but no one to disturb me and Yin Zhen. It was Yin Zhen himself who broke the silence: "This morning the emperor is going to call'Da Qi 'in the palace. Yesterday he told me to go to see him first in the fifth watch this morning." "Huh?"? I'm afraid it's the fifth watch now, Wang Ye! I quickly broke free from his arms. Let me give you one more hug, just one. When Yin Zhen finally took my hand out of the door, the distant sky in the east was already white with fish belly. Yin Zhen motioned to the monk to open the gate of the temple, and there was a man sitting at the gate! He sat cross-legged on the floor with his back against the threshold, his hands on his knees, his body in an alert position, so that when the door opened a crack, he jumped up,smart interactive whiteboard, turned around and stood facing the temple, with his hand on a long knife at his waist. Nian Gengyao? Yin Xiang was surprised and said, "Fourth Brother, how can he run away with us like this, a grand general of Sichuan?" "I asked for a job for him, just in time to send you to the Ujimqin Grassland, and I was relieved that Lianggong would be the governor of Sichuan when he came back." "Thank you for your promotion!"! The slave will deliver the Thirteen Master and Master Ling safely to Khalkhataiji. "Without raising his head, Nian Gengyao knelt in place and kowtowed respectfully." Go and wait for the message of peace you bring back. Yin Zhen gently sent my hand to Bi Nu beside the carriage,digital whiteboard price, and I had to be helped into the carriage stiffly by myself. Yin Zhen from when to start, has become a lock in my heart, let me be willing not to be free? I will have a long, long time to think about this problem. Outside the curtain of the carriage, people have already changed their horses-some are suitable for pulling the carriage, some are suitable for riding. Nian Gengyao rode on the cloud. As soon as Yin Xiang lifted the curtain, he wanted to get into the carriage. Yin Zhen suddenly shouted, "Yin Xiang!" "Fourth Brother?" Yin Xiang hurriedly turned around. …… Yin Xiang, take care of Ling for me. Silence Ling Er, take care of my thirteenth brother for me. His voice was muffled, and I suddenly burst into tears. Nian Gengyao led the way. One of the two carriages was filled with me, Bi Nu and Yin Xiang, and the other was filled with something I don't know. Sun Shouyi, thermal imaging camera ,digital signage kiosk, a Dutai and Wu Shibiao followed him on horseback, because this trip was under the guise of Nian Gengyao's errand. They also followed Nian Kengyao's brigade of Qinbing openly. I stretched out my head from the window beside the carriage and saw the figure of Yin Zhen in front of the temple gate getting smaller and smaller, but standing in a firm posture. We turned our backs to the direction of the rising sun. The sky behind Yin Zhen had been dyed with rays. It seemed that the rain for many days had ended today. The wind rolled up his clothes, and my vision was too blurred to be tested? Million level packaging resource provider zybear.taobao.com White reeds swayed on both sides of the road, the distant sky was light blue, and the reeds covered the cold shadow of the cold water waves. I threw down the curtain and did not want to see the gloomy scenery any more. Sitting on the floor of the carriage opposite me with his legs curled up, Yin Xiang suddenly said, "Don't let go!"! Let me see! Yin Xiang was not as quiet as he was these days. At this time, his concentration seemed to remind him of something. I looked at him questioningly. He was already asking loudly, "Sun Shouyi, where are you now?" The sound of the horse's hooves came from behind to the side of the carriage. Sun Shouyi replied cautiously, "Thirteen Master, we still have a dozen miles to go before we get to Geshan Town." "What!"! Why not go to Jehol?! Yin Xiang flew into a rage. Back to the Thirteenth Master, General Nian said that this was the route ordered by the Fourth Master, and that it was too far north from the direction of Jehol. ” Yin Xiang suddenly jumped to lift the curtain to go out. I knew he was wrong again. I was staring at him all the time. Seeing him like this, I had already grabbed his sleeve. But the strength of his jump was so great that I was dragged from my comfortable seat and slipped on the ground. Yin Xiang seemed to feel it. He looked back in surprise and hurriedly put down the curtain to help me. Ling, what are you doing? "What are you doing, Thirteenth Master?" I felt very embarrassed, rubbed my painful waist, dusted the ashes on my body, sat down again, and laughed. I Yin Xiang sat down in frustration, thought for a moment, and then called out, "Nian Gengyao!"! Tell everyone to stop and rest, you come in, I have something to say! Nian Gengyao was very polite and only kowtowed outside the carriage and asked in a low voice. Yin Xiang's stubbornness was almost unreasonable, and Nian Gengyao's attitude was submissive and reasonable, but he refused to give in at all-the argument was whether to go to Jehol or not. I listened impatiently, and saw that Yin Xiang was so angry that he puffed out his mouth. Nian Gengyao showed no sign of letting go, so he had to interject: "Thirteen Master, this large group of people stopped in the middle of the road. It's not urgent to go to Jehol at this moment.". General Nian, I heard that it's not far to a small town. "Yes!" "Thirteen Ye, it's getting late. Don't delay the journey. It's better to go to the small town ahead and let everyone rest. It's better to discuss slowly. Where to go, we'll go tomorrow." Yin Xiang was speechless, and the carriage soon began to move again. When it reached the town, there was only half of the sun left on the plain ahead. His face was red and he tried to support himself above the horizon. The town was too small to set up a post station. With a big wave of his hand, Nian Gengyao packed up the largest inn in the town. Seeing a group of "soldiers", the people in the inn bowed and bowed with great trepidation. Yin Xiang and I could not show our faces to meet strangers, but the hot water diet was soon sent to the room by Bi Nu. After dinner, the men gathered together to discuss, I consciously stay in my room, the yard is not big, I faintly heard the roar of Yin Xiang,digital signage screen, want to laugh, and sigh, holding a book in my hand just in a trance. hsdtouch.com