What is the maximum allowable temperature of Neodymium Magnet? Temperature issues and cricket magnets may be a complex theme.

  Two key temperatures: maximum working temperature and litter temperature.

  Curry temperature is the temperature of the magnetization of all magnetization.

  The highest working temperature (hereinafter referred to as Maxoptemp) is a universal number given for each magnetic material of each different level. Although it is not accurate, it is a good guide to many situations. Between Maxoptemp and Curie temperature, a certain percentage of the magnetization strength will be lost irreversibly.

  Magnetic intensity: magnetic intensity is the key measurement standard. B multiplication of H is often used to describe the strength of 钕 magnets. For example, the maximum BH (called BHMAX) of the N42 -the level magnet is 42mgoe, that is, the attractiveness of a single magnet that sticks to a large steel plate. You can also express it as a magnetic field measured at a certain location. We specify the surface field in Gauss and measure the surface of the magnet. Magnetic power is not power, nor is it possible, and cannot be expressed with strength.

  Reverse loss: In the absence of max temp, you will see some magnetic strength loss at high temperatures. When you restore the magnet to room temperature, it will return to its original strength. These losses are very small, usually within 5% to 10%.

  Increased loss: More than Maxoptemp, part of the magnetized strength will be lost. When you restore the magnet to room temperature, it will be weaker than before heating. Magnetic with irreversible loss can theoretically magnetize to the original intensity, or it is very close to the original strength.

  Permanent loss: The temperature of the initial sintering of the magnetic material will occur, and the structural change will occur to make the magnet permanent magnetic. Any external magnetic field cannot restore the strength of the magnet. For the magnetic magnet, this temperature is very high, usually above 900 ° C to 1000 ° C.

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