The crypto valuation of cryptocurrencies all over the world has been increasing and tons of people have
been benefitting from it. But where crypto prices and benefits have been serving large sections of the
world population, there are cyber threats that make crypto trading and investments risky.
Crypto funds require extreme safety and therefore, we tried to shed some light on the Exodus Wallet
service that has been crafted for multiple currencies and has been made available for desktop and
mobile. In the below read, you will be able to know the list of coins and ways to transact in them.

Here, this part of the read has been precisely equipped with the explicit steps to receive compatible
crypto tokens into your accounts on the Exodus Crypto wallet service:
1. Ensure going through the downloading steps for the Exodus app.
2. Maintain a pace with the displayed prompts on opening it.
3. Search and move forward with the option that read “Wallet”.
4. Choose from the list of compatible crypto and go for “Receive”.

Learn the steps to perform while sending out funds
In this section, we have tried to help you with sending out funds to other crypto wallets via your account
on the Exodus Wallet. So, take a scroll through the below laid procedural steps and get assistance with
sending crypto:
1. Launch the Exodus application or get to the desktop service.
2. On the menu presented, choose to go for the “Wallet” application.
3. Select which crypto variety you’d like to send out via the wallet.
4. Now, ensure to press the “Send” button and scan the QR code that is displayed.
5. Go on to proceed by submitting the wallet address you’d like to send it to.
6. Type in the sending crypto amount and confirm the transaction with “Send”.

Let’s throw the spotlight on the “Exchange” service feature
This part of the read has been directed toward helping all the Exodus Wallet users to benefit from their
accounts and utilize the wallet services to their full potential. The Exchange feature service allows users
to swap their crypto tokens, let’s see how you can do it too:
1. Make sure you have a reliable Internet connectivity network.
2. Check if the device you are using is within the network range or not.
3. Use your device to either get into the app or the desktop service.
4. Choose to get into the menu section and then go with “Exchange”.
5. Change the default settings on the left side of the screen.
6. And then move to the right to do the same thing.
7. Approve your submissions and tap on “Exchange” to finish it up.

The crypto world has been facing tons of crypto threats and we think that the highly equipped wallet
services have been effectively designed to cater to the problem. Here, in the detailed read above, we
shared extensive details on the Exodus Download service that has a huge user base.
When you moved down the informative ride, you learned about the crypto tokens or coins that the
wallet service supports along with the steps that can help you transact with them. You learned about
the steps to receive crypto in, send crypto out, and exchange one variant for another.

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