Although it may not have received the same popularity in the retro era, the Air Jordan 1 AJKO Chicago is the most important part of the history of flying. And now, after returning to 85 in early 2020, the brand is ready to bring this model back to the market again, first with the always-loved "Chicago" color scheme. As we get closer and closer to the release in 2021, images outside of the physical model have begun to surface. In the hand, this version looks the same as it was when it debuted, and the canvas construction shoe is almost complete. Black polished leather wraps the ankle and Swoosh logo, while the iconic red background highlights the toe, eye protection and ankle flap. White, then, visually along the base and tongue ground, complements the yellowing of the midsole and hints of retro.

Nike React Vision uses stacked overlays, exaggerated stitching and webbing, allowing you to try a variety of products in different colors and materials;Nike Lebron XVIII EP DB7644-002 Light Green no wonder you can customize this model through the Nike By You service on the brand's website. Even without customer customization, React Vision already provides impressive ready-to-wear colors. Joining the lineup is a new female outfit color, which uses neon lights to dress up a simple black background. The multi-textured aesthetic emphasizes barely volts, deep purple, and soft pink, and embellishes the covering over the other monotonous black mesh body. The ankle, swoosh logo and the webbing on the heel are hardly reused. Despite the variety of colors, the stitching on the covering and the webbing on the tongue still managed to introduce another hue, a contrasting peach. This shading is once again the highlight of the iconic dented React foam midsole.

NikeCourt was clearly inspired by the acclaimed Nike Offline, because it recently transformed traditional tennis shoes into mules. New Nike Air Force 1 White Hyper Crimson Although the modified model may not be the most ideal choice for high-performance tennis, it is characterized by the establishment of its court prepared muse. The durable canvas has the complementary accents of design lines and budget-friendly shoes. The second half, however, was chopped off, allowing easy sliding actions and removing the laces in the process. The sole unit remains the same as the traditional standard makeup, but the license plate is indulged in translucent brown components, which contrasts with the tone of each pair of shoes. After that, Adidas Adidas Adidas Zero Prime was released in limited quantities in 2012, and now it has returned to sun yellow. The product to be released is much easier to obtain than the No. 2, the 012 pairs originally offered. Although it is not a complete replica of the original, the upcoming selection is very close, imitating the neon sign of most Primeknit structures. Elsewhere, the soles were cleverly left, and the white neutral particles combined with the slight sun red. The brand, then, the contrast goes a step further, the coating is three stripes along the side, the brand spans the trim, and the upper threaded.