Living in and experiencing the digital world, we think you are well aware of the threats that roam in the crypto realm. The most significant threat that needed immediate addressing was attacking trader accounts online and robbing them of their funds. Wallet services were a very specific solution to this problem – they provided a safe space for traders to store their funds, and Exodus Wallet was one of the many services that slowly gained recognition.

We explored the service ourselves and we decided that it was worth sharing. With its primary function to protect crypto, it also allows traders to buy, stake, exchange and earn interests. Major traits include compatibility with over 100 crypto types, different services, all-day long customer support, portfolio tracking in real-time and more. Let us tell you how you can receive and send crypto via your accounts on the platform.

Steps involved in receiving crypto into Exodus

Follow through with the precise and explicit steps that you would have to undergo if you aim to receive crypto funds into the account you created on the Exodus wallet platform:

  1. Complete the download and installation of the Exodus app.
  2. Launch it and keep up with the prompts that show up on your screen.
  3. Search for the “Wallet” option tile and go ahead with it.
  4. Select from the available crypto list and hit the “Receive” link.

Procedure to successfully send out crypto via Exodus

This part of the read will help you go through the steps that need to be completed as and when you decide on sending out crypto funds from your Exodus Wallet account:

  1. Choose between using the mobile app or the desktop service.
  2. Move ahead with “Wallet”> Settle on the ‘sending’ crypto type.
  3. Make sure you go on with “Send” and complete the QR scan.
  4. Copy-paste or type in the wallet address that you want to send crypto to.
  5. Submit the amount worth of crypto that you want to send.
  6. Review the entered data and confirm the transaction by tapping on “Send”.


When crypto acquired its financial worth, it was difficult to keep track of the crypto funds and that is when tracking tools were introduced on the exchange platforms. And when crypto started to be victimized by cybercrime, we were gifted with crypto wallets. One of the several wallet services that stuck with us is the Exodus Wallet and we believe it promises great potential when it comes to protecting your crypto funds and optimizing your overall crypto journey.

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