The mercs but as creature crossing villagers!

Perhaps Animal Crossing Bells pyro could have an entire character made only for them, because most of character types are gendered. Possibly they are a game changer and present a villager possess two sub personalities

This is actually well-done! I can especially envision viewing Soldier, Sniper, and Spy in my village.

Scout as a cannibal is slightly about, however...

Scout is holding a bucket filled with blu scout. Demo is a dog since. . He throws balls around idk. Sniper is a Kangaroo because Owls are only an npc species and not a villager.

You definitely don't play creature crossing lol, there are no Shark villagers.

It looks like he's a cat but it would make much more sense for him to be among those others.

You have the ideal animap for all of them and I applaude you for that. Especially monkey engineer, thats just next level thinking.

My principal reason for making him an octopus was actually because their mouths kinda loon like gas masks! And it was the animal I could readily make them wear masks to buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items get lol