real estate virtual assistant will assist you with managing listing of properties, plan open houses and viewings, as well as follow up with client enquiries. Assigning these tasks to a virtual assistant lets you reroute your time to closing hot sales.

 Finding a specialized VA is essential for ensuring the highest quality of your backstage activities. The real estate VA is able to quickly respond to emails from clients, organize the viewing of homes and other tasks related to marketing without a hitch.

 Digital Marketing

 Virtual assistants for real estate can handle a range of digital marketing tasks. They are able to create, update and even remove property listings on platforms such as MLS, Top Producer, Zillow, Trulia, and more. They can also research properties and provide details such as the size of the rooms as well as square footage and occupancy. This will help you save time you could have spent searching for the house by yourself, and make your job a lot more efficient when dealing with clients.

 They are able to schedule meetings with clients and property tours on your behalf. Additionally, they can send thank you notes and reminders, maintaining the same level of communication with your clients. They can add client and property data into your CRM system, ensuring the database you have is up current and accurate.

 They can research local trends, prices, along with market dynamics to keep you well-informed about the real estate market in your local area. They can also prepare CMAs for your listings which will allow you to price properties competitively. They also can conduct due diligence of property buyers by preparing documents like buyer information forms and disclosures. They can also assist you in arranging market tours by coordinating travel arrangements and hotel reservations. They can also order solicitors business cards,'boards and feature sheets for open houses on your behalf.

 Lead Generation

 Virtual assistants for real estate can manage your online presence by managing your social media channels, publishing relevant content and engaging the public. A well-designed digital identity can help you grow the number of clients you have and also generating leads.

 A VA is also able to oversee your site by updating listings, property photos videos, descriptions and photos. They are also able to assist with marketing materials for your property, such as door-hangers, brochures and flyers. They can also create a listing video for your home.

 We've all heard of the saying, "The fortune is in the follow-up." It's vital that real estate professionals keep in touch with prospective clients, and also re-engage expired buyers and FSBOs to turn them into closed deals. A skilled ISA or virtual assistant can take on your circle of prospecting, geo-farming, calling expireds and FSBOs as well as working to refer referrals, and following up with new leads.

 A virtual assistant can also help with your CRM management by entering information about clients as well as requesting documents and processing paperwork for closings and appraisals. They are able to prepare and transmit electronic disclosures, as well as write an escrow document, review it and sign documents. They also create reports that are crucial for an agent in real estate such as lead and market data. They can also handle any phone, text or email inquiries from potential clients, including sending listing of properties. They can also schedule appointments for buyers, sellers or even lenders.

 Listing Management

 Real estate agents are able to wear many tasks as they guide customers through the process of purchasing or selling a property. It could include dealing with client questions, scheduling appointments with cleaners and inspectors in coordination with meetings and inspections. A virtual assistant can take care of these administrative tasks to free the agent's time.

 Marketing is a critical component for succeeding in the real estate market, but it can be a time-consuming process. A virtual assistant can do the marketing heavy lifting for you by conducting research on leads, creating and managing emails, tracking the results and more. This allows you to focus on closing deals and networking.

 A real estate agent can also help you manage the property listings by writing CMAs (comparative market analyses) that are based on recent sales of homes and neighborhood data, ensuring that your property is priced competitively. They can also gather listing information, coordinate property viewings, and respond to client emails without requiring any guidance from you.

 Your focus is your most important asset, so let an expert virtual assistant take on the administrative tasks that distract you from focusing on your core duties. If it's managing your inbox as well as booking travel or scheduling appointments choosing the right Purple Powered VA can make an enormous difference to your real estate business. You'll have more time to connect with clients, network and close transactions -- while having peace of mind knowing your back-office is in secure.


 As a professional in real estate, you need to keep up to date with trends in the market and inventory of properties. Virtual assistants can do this for you by sourcing and analyzing data, giving information that will assist you in making informed decisions to improve your business.

 For instance, a virtual assistant can investigate real estate properties that are that are available to locate comparables for your client's next home or office move. They can also look online for listings for warning signs like duplicate or altered listings used by fraudsters to fool buyers.

 Virtual assistants are also excellent for handling post-transaction communication with clients. They can encourage satisfied clients to share their experience via reviews, and implement any feedback that is received into your business procedures to improve your credibility and customer experience.

 If you're a real estate agent, property owner, or broker, you should look into tapping into the talent pool of the Gig Economy to handle your everyday business tasks. This will allow you to free up your time to concentrate on improving your customer experience and expanding your real estate business. Utilizing a virtual assistant you'll be able scale your business operations easily and experience unparalleled growth in the business.