In the past few years, New Jordan has made concerted efforts to expand the ranks of women. Through many cooperations, and even specially prepared clothing series "from court to runway", the brand has undoubtedly made considerable progress. By 2021, they will continue this momentum with the launch of the upcoming Air Jordan 4 "Shimmer". Similar to past exclusive products, "Shimmer" will not openly rely on feminine metaphors. Instead, it rivals any male offerings through an aesthetic palette of dense autumn colors. Throughout the leather structure, a tan shade runs fully, and the matching cage and belt are just adjacent. Below, the midsole is slightly contrasted with the white under the mattress decoration. The flying man logo dress seems to be silver metallic, and the perforations tend to be luxurious in the bronze solar eclipse.

Before its 40th anniversary, Nike Air Force 1 has seen dozens of experimental and eye-catching arrangements, proving that it is not content to stay in its own honor. When it was launched for 39 years, Nike Air Force 1 07 CT1989-100 White Metallic Gold was dressed in black, pink and blue, reminiscent of the previous Miami-inspired Swoosh series. Unlike similar suggestions, the upcoming pair of shoes mainly uses black on their leather uppers. However, the iconic stitching of the entire outline uses contrast stitching, and the color combination similar to LeBron 8 "South Beach" is different from the darker tones. The side Swoosh logo further incorporates the nostalgic style of South Florida, but they raise the stakes through the plant pattern on the insole. The tongue, heel and midsole are blended with eye-catching blue and pink tones, the latter part is complemented by a translucent outsole.

The output of Nike SB in 2020 is the most impressive year in recent years. Although most of the attention is focused on SB dunks, silhouettes such as SB Blazer Mid are also worthy of appreciation. In the latest combination, the Nike Blazer Mid 77 Infinite DC1746-001 Black LT Arctic Pink  redesigned model features splicing details and incorporates the "team red/light dewdrop/peak white/navy blue" palette. Like last year's "hacker bag", the upcoming pair will be based on tone, with frayed swoosh logo outlines on the side profile. The random-shaped suede covering on the forefoot not only contrasts with the other leather structure of the upper, but also its "team red" color scheme. The tongue construction surface borrows from sacai's Nike collaboration design, because it consists of two layers of different materials and colors. For the sole and sole unit, choose the tried-and-tested "peak white" midsole/light plastic brown outsole combination, and the former chooses to strengthen near the heel.