The idea of going off-grid solar has never been this easy as it is now. On top of that, solar battery storage has gone a little less pricey than it was 5 years ago. No only suburban, but urban areas too are seeing the advantage of going off-grid solar and installing a solar battery. The idea of fully energy self-sufficient is gaining commerciality, influencing people all around the world to save electricity and natural resources.
  • Reasons for using off-grid solar at homes and businesses
  • There are several reasons why urban homes are adapting to off-grid solar.
  • Solar power is affordable now
Solar power technology such as off-grid solar and solar battery is going cheaper, making it a cost-effective way for homes to generate electricity and save money on bills throughout their life.
Solar battery storage prices are lowered
Sola battery storage prices are lowering down making it possible for more and more people to turn toward solar energy. For example, Tesla’s Powerwall is capturing Australian hearts’ while bringing down prices.
Increasing prices of electricity
Many factors are contributing to pricey electricity throughout the world. As people are starting to compare the prices and overall expenses of using electricity and opting for off-grid solar, they are realizing that the electricity prices are increasing. Along with that, the grid infrastructure costs are rocketing too.
Solar self-consumption is rising
Solar self-consumption refers to people using their generated solar energy to run devices in their homes or business. Well, this is one way they are realizing, how much money they are saving using solar energy.
Factors to consider when thinking of installing
The payback
Although the prices are low and off-grid solar and solar battery storage is affordable these days, the payback duration is about 3 to 5 years, depending on the options you choose. The delivered payback periods are now shorter than their warranty periods which is about 10 years.
The roof-space limitation can act as a hurdle. The size of your roof is the ultimate deciding factor whether you can install off-grid solar or not.
The changes
When you think of consuming solar energy in your daily schedule, you may have to change your lifestyle accordingly. The system will be sized according to your energy needs at the time of installation, but a change in schedule or the addition of family members will require you to upgrade.
The bottom line is that you need to make the decision of going off-grid solar very carefully and after a lot of research. You can select the best Solar Off-Grid after comparing the specifications and matching them to your needs and wants. Contact the experts for a better view of the picture.