was a bad idea, they killed off Maxis with this particular match. Sim City 5 has been a hot pile of garbage, top to Mut 21 coins bottom.Think I have monster age 2 or 3 for my xbox 360 but ive never really gotten really into it, good game?Notice a trend between those two games?Respawn developed them both, and if rumors are true, developed apex without even consulting EA actually, and just kind of dropped it on these.

I hope EA does not ruin them too.I did not know that part. I understand that it is from the titanfall world and we didn't receive the first season for a few months. I believe a couple of months ago the respawn team that has been working on apex finally got their very own studio in Canada.

I had the EA game pass item for a while, I downloaded it one weekend and just played like 30 minutes before uninstalling. Yes we need Blitz again but can't compromise it's ridiculous arcade style. I want every player to have that exact same monstrous body type, 30 yards for Mmoexp Madden 21 coins a first, no PI, all that Jazz.It is an 80/20 situation. 80% of the cash is made by 20 percent (or probably less) of individuals and micro transactions.

Those suckers will pour money into it regardless of how bad the game is. There is not a god damn thing a boycott could do to change the situation.It's not, people overestimate just how many children have access to their parent's credit cards.