The launch of Cyberpunk 2077 has created several records. Despite being launched in the final quarter of 2020, Cyberpunk 2077 has gained many players worldwide. From exploring the Night City to completing the main storyline and bounties, players have to focus on every aspect of the game for progression.

The fans of Cyberpunk 2077 appreciate every feature of it, but collecting bounties is one of the most preferred things. Bounty challenges are not easy but are quite entertaining. Players have to perform several activities to complete the bounties. Now, if anyone isn’t aware of this thing, here is the guide for it.

How to Finish Bounties?

Throughout the map of Night City, players can find plenty of opportunities to gather bounties. In the beginning level of the game, players can obtain the upgraded scanner for V. The scanner helps V see those people who have a bounty on them. So once the bounty is found, players have to defeat it. The good thing for players is that the method to defeat doesn’t matter, so the best thing players should try is melee weapons. Unfortunately, players will not get notified about the money they received, but it will be added to their account. 

Usually, the bounties are easy targets, but when a player sees multiple bounties together, things become complicated. Taking down a single bounty is easy, but players have to be prepared for a troubling situation if they’re in the group. While scanning the bounty, V receives several details of it, but players have to be careful while taking down any bounty.

NCPD Crime Rewards

Just like the bounty rewards, there are rewards for the reported crimes. There are several enemies on the streets, and the way players choose to eliminate the bounties, they can eliminate the other enemies. To find these enemies, players have to obtain reports and evidence. Once the evidence is found, the task disappears from the map.

After completing a crime related task, players can check their progress in the “Job Complete” section. While playing the challenge, remember one thing: after eliminating the criminals and bounties, always pick up the loot. This process will help the players earn an additional amount of money to spend.


The tasks in Cyberpunk 2077 are not easy, but there are several premium rewards that players can earn after completing them. The bounties are always around but don’t participate in elimination while playing a side quest or main storyline mission. Players can use their money to buy new gear, cars, and other customizable items.

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