If you are a real estate agent, I want to tell you why it is essential for you to collaborate with a REVA or real estate virtual assistant companies, to help you manage the countless tasks of your day to day.

The real estate sector is made up of three essential legs: the owners of the properties, the properties themselves and, of course, the real estate agents. The day-to-day life of a real estate agent is truly crazy. Between administrative tasks, commercial actions, customer service, negotiations, prospecting for new properties... how do they do everything?

Our experience as clients is not positive... we send messages and call to make an appointment and visit the property we like. Especially in large cities, properties “fly by” and you have to hurry… When we finally get the appointment, they call us two hours before because the property has already been rented or sold. So start over!

This bad experience would be reduced, or even eliminated, by working with a hand-to-hand REVA.


REVA stands for Real Estate Virtual Assistant, or in other words, Virtual Real Estate Assistant .

This figure was born in the United States years ago, but has not yet spread throughout Spain.

And it is surprising, since this figure solves many of the problems that arise during the real estate professional's day.


The real estate agent does not have to be an expert in technological tools, and does not have enough time for the learning curve that a new tool entails. For this, you can delegate to your Real Estate Virtual Assistant or REVA , all those tasks unrelated to the achievement of real estate objectives, and save on time and resources.

  • Content management: Preparation of real estate advertisements and subsequent publication on different portals and media; Creation and maintenance of the client and property database; Request, monitor and edit if necessary audiovisual content.
  • Customer service effectively.
  • Preparation of documents and reports.
  • Marketing and RRSS tasks: Update of the RRSS and company website; Interaction with users; Implementation of the digital strategies established by the company.
  • Advice on innovative and automation tools that add value to the company.


In a sector as competitive as the Real Estate Sector, professionals need to focus all their efforts on finding profitable assets. According to different real estate studies, 80% of a real estate agent's potential clients search for real estate online. Don't you think it is necessary to be competitive to collaborate with a Real Estate Assistant who works in the field?

If your answer to this question is a resounding YES, do not hesitate to contact me , I will be happy to answer any questions that may arise and to study how we can collaborate to relaunch your real estate business.

Let me help you find that time you need! For your business, for yours, for you...