Screen printing is moving into another phase of growth similar to its take up in small and large format graphics, printing textiles and optical discs in 20th century.

Everybody knows about silk screen printing. It is old fashioned, dirty, smelly, unreliable, a craft, and it takes twenty years to become an ink covered expert. It's really only used for printing tee shirts and simple posters.

This statement is as silly as those who say digital printing will take over from every other printing process. There are plenty of articles explaining the wonders of digital printing and there is no doubt it is a wonderful process, admittedly it has plateaued in its development but it still has plenty of opportunities in the market place and will surge again as the technology evolves.

The 21st century has produced another step change. The current surge in its adoption is in applications where it is used to deposit controlled films of material over precisely defined areas. Screen printing is an engineering process that is controllable, measurable and consistent.

Over the years that it has been used substantially as a graphics production process techniques have been develop that make it ideal for processes that are crucial to the development and production in advanced manufacturing. It is now considered as a mass imaging technology. Before looking at its diverse applications it is best to remind ourselves of the fundamental elements of this 4000 year old process.

The core of the process is the printing mechanism, with the most commonly used meshed stencil this is as follows.

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