Step 1: Clean up and discard

    The first step in organizing your refrigerator and freezer is to take inventory and discard outdated items or items you are unlikely to use. You can use a transparent storage box with lid to assist and be sure to put perishables in the cooler while you work.

    Step 2: Adjust the Shelves

    Take advantage of the adjustable shelves and drawers found in most new appliances. Since many shoppers like to buy the same brands (with the same packaging) over and over, taking the time to set up your shelves and drawers accordingly will save you time in the long run.

    Step 3: Arrange Your Drawers and Shelves

    When fruit or vegetables inevitably get soft, using durable, waterproof shelf liners in your crisper drawer can make cleanup easier. The same goes for your shelves. While you don't have to use a liner, it helps keep spills and drips from making everything sticky.

    Step 4: Group Similar Projects Together

    Put items such as condiments, salad dressings, and sandwich toppings in labeled bins. Consider choosing storage bins and containers with handles to make it easy for these items to be taken out of the refrigerator and brought to the prep area.

    Step 5: Put snacks front and center

    Keep your most-used items up front for easy access for the whole family. You may also find that ready-made snacks in easy-to-open containers can help curb your appetite—fresh fruit or veggies that are pre-washed and ready to eat are suddenly more enticing!

    Step 6: Stack to Save Space

    If you like to store water bottles, soda cans, or beer cans in the refrigerator, consider using a bottle or can dispenser. These allow you to stack bottles or cans in tight spaces,

    Step 7: Keep it fresh

    There are plenty of ways to get rid of odors other than a box of baking soda. Vanilla extract also keeps your refrigerator fresh. Dampen a cotton ball or paper towel, place it on a paper plate, and let it dry before removing. Or use refrigerator

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