With a OSRS gold Dragonkin lamp, in level 40 I will get 3,240 expertise, but a level 80 I will get 25,360 xp. As a result it's worth placing the lamp on a skill which I have a high level in, but maybe not at a skill where I can easily acquire experience. Regrettably, the priciest abilities to level for me personally are the lowest level. Though construction is an alternative, it's not that pricey, and I'm stuck wondering what to do-my hgihset skill, woodcutting, is fast to level and just level 70. I'd love to put it on a difficult skill, but this would be a waste. What skill should I put it on?

With this setup you'll be assaulted when you first enter, but just run with protect magic into the Zamorak section round the ruined ice bridge. You will want lots of prayer potions and a couple of emergency food. Good luck! I recently posted the exact same thing in another thread, it is related to this thread too so here it is:

here is what you have to perform (for money and decent xp per hour): 53-63 search grey chinchompas, it is about 50-60k xp per hour and roughly umm 150k money per hour (sorry if numbers are wrong but because I got 99 a year ago, I don't really know the exact numbers) 63-83(-91 - 99) red chinchompas, around 65k xp each hour at 63, goes upto 95k xp at 99 and roughly 230k cash per hour ( assuming you grab the average 350 chins per hour). At 83 and 91 you receive the ability to hunt dragon and kingly cheap RuneScape gold implings, respectively.