lead generation assistant is crucial to any business. Without quality leads, your sales team will be hard-pressed to generate sales. But the process of generating leads can be time and labor-intensive. It can take away your focus and energy from doing what you do best: sales conversion and generating revenue. A Lead Generation Virtual Assistant (VA) can handle the important but tedious task of generating quality leads so you can concentrate on your core functions.


Moving a customer along the pipeline won’t be possible without lead generation. Our Lead Generation VAs are equipped with the right training and strategies to help you build a comprehensive list of potential clients.


Keep your sales team busy with converting quality and promising prospects. A Lead Gen VA can pre-qualify leads based on predetermined criteria. They can also help keep your database updated to ensure your sales team has the right information about your prospects.


Hiring a Lead Generation Assistant allows you to delegate time-consuming lead gen duties and gain back time to focus on revenue-generating tasks. Plus, remote staffing solutions are more cost effective than hiring in-office employees. By hiring a virtual assistant from 20four7VA, you can save up to 80% on labor costs!



20four7VA helps busy people like you save time so you can focus on the core tasks that deliver growth and profit. We will match you with the right Lead Generation VA in four easy steps.

1. Fill out our consultation form so we can set up a call to better understand your business needs.

2. We’ll search our pre-vetted talent community for the right VA who matches your business needs.

3. We’ll set up interviews for shortlisted VA candidates.

4. Once you’ve selected a VA and finalized the VA shift schedule, we will set up your subscription. And just like that, your lead generation virtual assistant is ready to start working!




1. What is the difference between working with 20four7VA and hiring freelancers?

Working with 20four7VA means saving time and effort with the recruitment process, ensuring data security, and having business continuity measures in place. Additionally, your assigned Account Manager and 20four7VA’s support staff are dedicated to providing top-notch, end-to-end remote staffing services.

2. How can I ensure data privacy and security of my business and our own clients?

20four7VA treats data privacy and cybersecurity very seriously. Our IT support team has security protocols in place to safeguard your information.

3. Where are your VAs located?

To date, we have VAs located across four continents in countries where English is widely spoken, and a stable internet connection is accessible. Most of our VAs are located in the Philippines, where the English literacy rate is among the highest in Asia.

4. How do you track the VA’s logged hours?

20four7VA clients have access to our VA time reporting and screen monitoring software. With this program, we can easily help you compute the VA’s logged hours and weekly payroll.

5. How soon can my new Lead Generation VA work for me?

The end-to-end process of hiring and onboarding a VA takes around five (5) business days upon approval of the Job Description (JD). Please note that this time frame only applies to cases where VA candidates are currently available in our talent pool.