Brass - probably the most commonly used material for bathtub shower faucet suppliers or the material favored by consumers. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc with a characteristic shiny yellow color. brass spindle for faucet is based on this. It may have added aluminum for strength and corrosion resistance, and tin to prevent zinc loss from exposure to water. Both of these additions help extend the life of the faucet.

   Zinc - Zinc has been a popular alternative to brass due to its affordability. Zinc is naturally dark grey but can be chrome plated and looks great! Zinc is highly corrosion-resistant and lightweight.

    There are three common bathroom faucets, of course, the types of faucets are not limited to these three.

    CENTER SET - This is a common type at most home centers and hardware stores. It has a small faucet body with one or two handles or knobs to control water flow and temperature. They're compact and perfect for a small powder room or if you have a small place, (Looking at you, NYC.)

    Single Handle – As the name suggests, it has a single handle that controls water flow and temperature. The handle can be on either side or directly above the spout. They can fit in smaller spaces, even one that is only two or three inches wide. These are the easiest to install yourself.

    Wall Mounted - Designed with floating sinks in mind, often used in more contemporary-style bathrooms. You need to take accurate measurements or the nozzle won't reach the sink and it will look silly and you will have to redo it.

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