After a week full of cherry blossoms, fishing, and Animal Crossing Items way too many eggs, the tempo in Animal Crossing: New Horizons has bogged down appreciably. But that doesn’t imply there isn’t anything for players to do! Daisy Mae, Saharah, Wisp, Celeste, and other visiting characters will maintain to show up, and players can preserve chipping away at paying off their money owed to Tom Nook and elevating their island rankings. Our weekly ACNH update will consciousness on some methods to address some of that stuff, with some suggestions on flower breeding and gambling the Stalk Market, in conjunction with getting you all caught up on an upcoming event called Earth Day.

Earth day is an upcoming event coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Leif the Sloth appears to be a man or woman leading the special occasion. Earth Day falls on April 22 and in view that this occasion is coming in an update (as maximum vacation activities in ACNH do), it is uncertain what will occur on Earth Day in the sport. If it is some thing like preceding Earth Day-themed events in preceding games, it's going to have players do activities and rewards themed round environmentalism. In City Folk and New Leaf, Earth Day turned into referred to as Nature Day, and players could communicate to the host of the occasionCheap Animal Crossing Items  (Tortimer in City Folk and Isabelle in New Leaf) and get an object known as a Cool Globe. We'll see what Earth Day brings us in New Horizons.