Hey, pretty lady, any plans to go on your first date with your loved one? If yes, to look gorgeous is mandatory right? From planning what to wear to carrying which makeup would look perfect, makeup artists in Delhi are here to help you. Nowadays, women love to do subtle makeup on their faces that in general give you minimal look. It lets your natural beauty glow.

If you don’t know how to do that. Come let’s read the following simple steps to learn;

Step 1 Start with a light base. Do not apply layers of foundations, it will look patchy.

Step 2 Conceal the spots. It is the best way to hide your blemishes.

Step 3 Glorify the eyes. Add a brown eyeshadow to make it look adorable and classy.

Step 4 Add a little contour to the cheekbone. It enhances the overall face.

Step 5 Highlight the brows. Do not forget to fill in your eyebrows.

Step 6 Highlight the face with a natural highlighter for that dewy glowy look.

Step 7 Tint your cheeks with a little blush. It will turn into a game changer in the whole process.

Step 8 Fill the lips with nude shades of lipstick or according to your outfit and makeup.

Step 9 Set your makeup with setting spray and you are good to go. It is the final step of your fascinating makeover. 

Now go and rock your day!

In this way, you got the look. Now, wear a beautiful outfit of your choice and make yourself look confident and hell gorgeous.

Wait, we forgot heels! Wear that too. 

Moreover, you can also book an appointment with a professional makeup artist in NoidaThey will make you look flawless. Sometimes, doing your own makeup is not possible. So various top makeup artists are here to help you with affordable charges.