The trend towards remote work is on the rise every day. Companies are becoming digital, and the working world is increasingly tending towards worker independence and autonomy . And this is where the figure of the virtual assistant comes to the rescue as support and help in day-to-day tasks.


Today I want to talk to you about the evolution of the classic job of secretary/task manager towards the trendy job, the virtual assistant. We will see what it is,  what its work consists of, and how you can become one of the most sought-after professionals of the moment in the digital world.

What is a virtual assistant?

virtual assistant (VA) is a freelance professional who provides support services for businesses . Her job is almost comparable to that of a secretary. or executive assistant, but the main difference is that he works remotely, communicating with his clients through different digital channels.

This term was heard for the first time in the 90s, based on the new ability to work virtually that was brought to us by the technologies in force at that time, the advance of telephony, the use of the Internet for the exchange of documents and others. similar advances, which gave rise to remote work.

For practical purposes, this assistant functions as virtual administrative assistants staff for your company. It offers you the same services as if it were part of it and usually works as a freelancer.


Offers help on administrative, creative, communication and technical issues . Therefore, this professional must be very well versed in the technological field and know project management tools that make it easier to carry out their work.

Email, invoices, time and agenda management , customer service, calendar and, sometimes, even social media management or digital writing are some of the areas that they manage.

Advantages of having a virtual assistant in your company

These are the most interesting advantages that hiring this virtual figure gives you for your business:

  • Increase your company's productivity
  • You enjoy your work more, delegating tasks that you don't like as much
  • You put all your attention on the projects that add the most value to your business
  • You improve your organization and that of your work team
  • You cover more work areas

What are the main functions of a virtual assistant?

Whether you are thinking about hiring a virtual assistant for your business, or if you are considering starting a virtual assistance business, you must be clear about the tasks and functions developed by this professional profile.

Let's see in detail everything this professional must do in his day-to-day work.

Task management and agenda control

The countless tasks that must be carried out in a business have to be reflected in an agenda or, otherwise, it is easy for something to be forgotten.

If you can invest all the time involved in scheduling meetings, important events or appointments with clients in other more important matters, you save time and help your business grow.

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Therefore, the assistant is in charge of balancing the timing of meetings, scheduling appointments and events , and keeping the CEO up to date so that nothing is overlooked.


Email management

Entrepreneurs know that email is a double-edged sword. Sometimes so much information comes in at once that we don't have time to open, process and respond to all the incoming email.

An assistant can take care of all of this, and even if there are emails that will end up being forwarded to the CEO, it helps filter the emails .