Kolkata FF Result


It is very easy to know the single of a Patti, whenever a Patti is formed, then adding it to whatever number is in the last, it is called the single of that Patti like. This is a Patti, now on adding 1+8+3, the number 12 comes, so the last digit in 12 to see it is 2, so it is a single of 183 leaves, in the same way you can know the single of all the Patti.


The way to invest money in Kolkata quickly is through a local agent, which can also be called an offline method, in this way you get the rewards very easily. Fatafat Result Kolkata – It is very easy to invest money in singles, for this you have to choose any one number and you can invest as much money as you want, but for this at least you have to invest more than 5 rupees. 


How to Win a Numbers Game ?


For this, you have to choose three numbers like (146 it is made up of three numbers) and you have to invest money on that lucky three number which we call Patti, then in this way you can put money on the Patti. In this game, rewards are given in 2 ways. 


It you put money on a single, then you get 9 times like if you put 5 rupees on any single number, then you get 9 times of 5 rupees i.e. 45 rupees if you have If you have put 5 rupees on a Patti, then you get 100 times that means 5 times 100 which we can also call 500, so in this way you get reward in it. Kolkata ff Result. 


Enthusiasm in Kolkata


This game is played with great enthusiasm in Kolkata, this game can also be called Satta Matka or a kind of online gambling. Fatafat Kolkata – In this game any one number is called single like – 1,5, 8, 3 This is a single digit which we can also call a single. If there was a single digit in its place, then that digit is called a single. 


Kolkata Fatafat game, Patti is made up of any three digits like. In this you will see that it is made up of three digits (1 and 4 and 3), similarly in this game any number made up of three digits is called a Patti. You can play this game in Kolkata only, for this you will find some agents in your own local market who will invest your money in this game.