Listen to that sound, it should be the sound of a wooden stick with a thick bowl mouth across the air. Yanchi Xingran kicked open the car door and ran out. He saw his coachman flying out of the driving seat with his eyes rolling. A sarcoma on the back of his head was expanding rapidly. I've been hit with a sucker punch! This is the first reaction of the smoke red star. The second response is, where is the attacker? From Linzi's house to the Ministry of the Interior, we have to pass through a winding and secluded alley, which is now quiet and invisible. Where is the attacker? A few dark shadows flashed by, and the helmets of the guards accompanying the smoke star clanged loudly. Their helmets were smashed out of shape, and they also rolled their eyes and foamed from their mounts and fell heavily to the ground. You are so big. 'Bang ', a bowl mouth thick black wooden pole mercilessly hit the smoke red star on the forehead, smoke red star eyes a black, heavy fell to the ground. This bar almost smashed the bridge of his nose, and two nosebleeds flowed out of his nostrils, which soon moistened the clothes on his chest. Holding the huge black wooden pole in one hand, Dahei sat on the roof of the carriage and chewed a carrot with a pure face. Xiaohei slowly dragged a wooden pole of girder level,push back racking system, which was the thickness of a water tank and did not know where to remove it, from the end of the alley. He swung the ten-meter-long bar with both hands and knocked it across the carriage. With the sound of Hora, the three nobles who dared not speak in the carriage were swept out by a bar, and the heavy blow made them unconscious in an instant by a huge shock, and the bones on their bodies were broken into pieces. I feel that we need to customize two suitable sticks! Blackie opened his mouth and gnawed off half of the beam in his hand. "Our weapons were broken in the final battle. It must be said that these temporary bars are not very convenient." Donkey Yyīn walked from the other end of the alley with a calm face. He flicked his little tail. Yyīn said sadly,heavy duty metal racking, "Two grandsons, there are no witnesses. Hurry to strip them off.". Well, the man named Yanchixing stripped him naked and threw him into the busiest street in Yancheng, hanging a banner on his body-Vice Minister of the Imperial Ministry of the Interior! How honored he is to let so many beauties see him! After giving Blackie a hard look, the donkey sighed, "Next time, don't take away the roof beam when you have lunch at home!"! What a poor family! They were eating happily. The whole roof collapsed. Several old men and old women were almost killed. You went too far! Dahei and Xiaohei wriggled their mouths rhythmically. They looked at each other and then let out a stuffy fart at the same time. Too much? What is excessive? This word does not exist in the dictionary of this pair of rabbits. Besides, if it's too much, is there anything more excessive than your damn black donkey? The two rabbits chewed noncommittally, and their teeth rubbed against each other and made a crisp sound. A quarter of an hour later, heavy duty cantilever racks ,push back racking system, the busiest street in Yancheng, that is, the Triumph Avenue in front of the Zhanshen Palace, a line of naked smoke and stars fell to the ground. A huge wooden pole with a banner with written words fell heavily and was deeply inserted in the street. On the banner with black characters on a white background, it was clearly written that the handsome Dongfang Ru, who had dark and shiny braids, was Yanchi Xing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of the Interior of the Great Yan Dynasty! Once the people of the Caesar Empire were not timid masters, and when they saw the strange sight of a man falling from the air, they gathered around to watch. They went up and down to appreciate the smoke red star completely, all around just sounded the sharp sound of the jjng flute. A large group of soldiers swarmed from all directions, they brandished their guns to disperse the onlookers, and then a face of cold smoke red eyebrows personally with a group of civil and military ministers surrounded by a large group of guards came over. Standing by his cousin's side, he looked coldly at the clan who had been stripped clean. He took a deep breath: "The security of Yan City is very problematic. Send three times more troops to take charge of the regular patrol. I want every street and alley to be monitored at all times." "In addition, find out the whereabouts of the smoke red star today, what he went to see, what he said, all for me to find out.". If they dare to attack the members of the royal family of the Great Yan Dynasty in Yan City and attack the important officials of the Empire, they must pay the price. Half an hour later, the smoke red eyebrow with a large group of imperial court guards of the Great Yan Dynasty, y yīn came to the front of the house that Lin Qi had just bought with a calm face. The efficiency of the Great Yan Dynasty was very high. They had thoroughly investigated the words and deeds of the Red Star. The only time he went out today was to visit the Longshan family. A quarter of an hour after the Longshan family went out, he lay naked in the middle of Triumph Street, and a banner publicized his identity to all the onlookers. This smoke red star is certainly the name of'bold and unconstrained 'shocked the aristocratic circle of the whole western continent, and in the same way, the smoke family of the Great Yan Dynasty became famous. This not only makes the smoke red eyebrow angry, the elders of the smoke family can not sit still, a large number of smoke family's own master also came. With a belly of anger, smoke red eyebrows did not follow the normal etiquette to see, but with a large group of guards rushed directly into the yard. The craftsmen who were busy working in the courtyard and preparing to redecorate the courtyard were startled. When they saw the robes on their bodies and found that they were a group of unexpectedly high nobles, all the craftsmen knelt on the ground in horror and dared not look up. The guards of the Longshan family then rushed out of the inner courtyard and confronted the guards of the Great Yan Dynasty without fear. Enzo, too,industrial racking systems, came out of the backyard with a large group of Gallic soldiers. "Is there a misunderstanding, Your Majesty?" He shouted? What the hell is going on? Didn't we just finalize the covenant and wait for the formal signing of the instrument? Before the smoke red eyebrow could speak, a strange voice came from the roof of a small building on the side.