"Ah, this," said the girl, as if she had just remembered, taking out a small ruby pendant from the drawer. "It's for you. Put this on and go where the fog is heavy. It will guide you." "Oh.." Shuojian Ling looked at the bright and valuable pendant and thought it would be better if it was a bracelet, but as soon as he came up with the idea, the necklace automatically wound around his hand and became a bracelet. This Shuo looked at the bracelet in astonishment and couldn't believe his eyes. It is what you want it to be, and may it not only show you the way home, but also take you where you want to go. Xia Sha finished and left. What? It's weird. Shuojian Zero muttered, put down his luggage and tidied up his room. The teenager who carefully packed his luggage did not notice that after the door closed, the white mist outside the window was gradually turning black. 、15. Chapter 15 Before that, in the midst of the Chaldeans who were saving the people. .....” As soon as she woke up, she turned into a cat again, sitting on a Chaldean cushion, listening to the sermon with an expressionless face. There is no doubt that in Chaldea after the disaster, the one who can have the energy and time to teach will not be the director who died gloriously in the prologue,Fish measuring board, but the doctor Romani Akiman who watched the whole process of Xia Bufei's death and was always afraid. Meow. She flicked her tail and uttered a bored word. Woof.. Incorrect You speak human language to me! Roman said frantically, "Didn't you wear a dress to speak?"? What kind of cat is there in Chaldea? "That's strange." Xia Buyu kept sitting and complained, "Although I have made many assumptions before, it is really Chaldea, and the enigmatic voice I have heard all the time is really Da Vinci. Am I still dreaming?"? Maybe it's the wrong way to wake up. She said to herself, and then she was ready to fall asleep in a ball on the spot. Will you recognize the reality for me? Roman was speechless and said,Pi tape measure, "This is not a problem that can be solved by sleeping, right?" “...... Hey "Xia Buyu sighed, put himself in a Sphinx posture, said," then, for me to speak? " "Go ahead." Afraid of her momentum, Roman immediately admitted his weakness and said honestly. First, I remember that I was dead. How did I come back to life? "Xia Buyu asked." It was the resurrected immortal grass that the hero king specially found for you that saved you. Roman said. So, poof, that dead Ao Jiao, "Xia Buyu could not help laughing out, horse weight tape ,Horse weight lbs," then, next, what is the experience of the checkpoint? " "Well, it's like novice teaching." Roman said. "Xia Buyu licked his paws and showed his nails." I am not allowed to bring any spirit, leaving me alone in Uruk.. This is your new teaching. ?” Didn't you bring this on yourself! Who was the person who scribbled on the questionnaire? Not to be outdone, Roman said. Tut. Xia Buyi snorted, "So, what am I going to do to save the world?" "Well.." Roman said. "As for the seventy-two demons, we have observed the time of Solomon, and there is nothing unusual." "But the spirit is all right?" Xia Buyu shook his tail again and said, "The follower must obey the Lord, if he is summoned by that kind of vicious person.." "I don't think Solomon would do such a thing. He won't be summoned by bad people. It's not the Holy Grail War of Winterwood." Roman curled his lips and said. Oh Xia Buyu grasped the key point and looked at Roman meaningfully. Why, what's the matter? Roman was a little nervous when she looked at him and stammered a little. The Holy Grail War of Dongmu, "Xia repeated. There was no expression on the cat's face, but a sly smile could be heard in his tone." It's nothing. It's just a guess. It needs further evidence to verify. ” "I don't know why I suddenly have a feeling of sympathy with the frog targeted by the snake. Da Vinci, did you lower the temperature of the air conditioner?" Roman stepped back and said. Nothing Da Vinci said with ease and pleasure. All right, that's the end of the joke, "Xia said." Where is the next stop? " The display screen showed several rows of words. Ad.1888 London, United Kingdom "Hm?"? Why start here? Xia Buyi was stupefied and asked. This, because the summer sauce is too good in the novice level, "Roman said," the first few special points disappeared, can search for this. "I changed history very willfully. To be honest, I thought I would be scolded by you when I came back." Xia Buyi said with great suspicion. Is it true that nothing happened? "Ha ha ha, the summer sauce is quite keen." Da Vinci laughed first. "I have no choice but to tell the summer sauce. In fact, the whole Chaldean system has been eroded." "Meow?" Xia Buyu is confused. That is to say, the organ that saved mankind was taken over by the restraining power of the planet itself and the Alaya consciousness of mankind. Da Vinci said, "We can't do anything but communicate and publish. Xia Jiang is the one chosen by them, so all the actions of Xia Jiang represent the will of the planet. We have no right to blame it." "Ha," the summer does not laugh out loud, "can also be like this, that is to say, I can do whatever I want?" "Even so, even so!"! But the summer sauce is fully responsible for the consequences. Roman was not at ease to exhort. "Well," she said, squinting her eyes, "could there be a worse result than the end of the world?" "That's right..". Ha-ha ..... Ah ha ha ha "Roman laughed." So,Fiberglass tape measure, "the summer did not lick a few side of the goat's milk," so my five stars are gone, what is going on? " 。 tapemeasure.net