Mu Wanqing, of course, is not so easily moved by the woman, but also for his words and cold face a little slow. After taking a sip of tea, he nodded slightly and said indifferently, "What General Manager Yang said is very true.". Born in a wealthy family, although there are many more advantages and halos than ordinary people, the pressure is also unimaginable to ordinary people. In this case, either resist the pressure to stand out. Or, just like some second-generation ancestors, they rely on all kinds of incredible behaviors to escape the pressure. I believe that too. General Manager Yang's achievements today are by no means as simple as his excellent family background. Yang Haotian listened to his words from the bottom of his heart, which really aroused Mu Wanqing's response. The heart can not help but secretly pleased. But before he could finish showing the smile on his face. Continue to lobby. Mu Wanqing suddenly sat up straight. The tone of voice returned to its usual coldness: "General Manager Yang's purpose.". I've got it. I also admit that in the solar and pharmaceutical industries. Hao Tian Group is definitely a leading enterprise in China. General Manager Yang has contributed a lot to this. But. Maoyuan has no plans to cooperate with other enterprises for the time being. Mu Wanqing's words. But it is half true and half false. Now,best whirlpool tub, because banks are no longer pressing for repayment of loans. On the contrary, it is strongly supported. There is no shortage of funds. But after all. Mao yuan has been engaged in the direction of the problem. There is a large shortage of technology reserves in the solar energy and pharmaceutical industries. Recruit a large number of relevant talents. It can only alleviate the problem of technical strength to a certain extent. Full cooperation with excellent related companies or teams is the fastest way to solve problems. When it comes to cooperation with Hao Tian Group. Tactically, it is really a good choice. But strategically. But there are many problems. With Yang Haotian's origin and the strength of Haotian Group. Even in the early stage of cooperation, they will be obedient to Maoyuan. But with the deepening of various projects. A man with a little brain. Everyone can guess that Hao Tian will never be willing to let Mao yuan step on it and climb up. Instead of scheming against each other at that time. Get along with each other in a deceptive way. It's like putting a bomb next to your pillow that could explode at any time. This is undoubtedly inviting the wolf into the house. Cooperation. Since we can't trust such a large predatory enterprise as Hao Tian. It's better to choose those overall strengths. But it has a reputation in the industry. Potential cooperation with enterprises. Like this. Maoyuan can successfully launch the project. And can easily control those small businesses. If you want to cooperate, cooperate. You can merge if you want. Why not? Not to mention. A colleague is an enemy. Now that Maoyuan has made up its mind to develop in the pharmaceutical and energy industries. It is bound to touch the interests of the vast world. It is better for the two sides to draw a clear line as soon as possible. The venue is full of smart people. Although Mu Wanqing did not make it clear. I had already understood what she meant. Hum With a stiff smile on his face,endless swimming pool, Yang Haotian's face suddenly darkened. He jerked to his feet. "I thought General Manager Mu was smart," he said in a cold voice. Different from the average woman. It's good for people to be ambitious. But if you just eat alone. Isn't General Manager Mu afraid that Maoyuan Group will choke to death? I want. General Manager Mu, you'd better think about it again. "I have made up my mind." Mu Wanqing's expression is still cold. He was not slightly moved by the potential threat of Yang Haotian. Yang Haotian a little meal, after all, there is no more words. He just glanced coldly at Mu Wanqing and said, "In that case, there's nothing to say. I'll take my leave." With these words, he turned away without looking back. And led his men far away. After he left, Qian Changcai hesitated and worried: "Mu Zong, outdoor whirlpool tub ,outdoor whirlpool, so offend Yang Haotian's words.". I'm afraid there's no way to deal with the future. Actually. Give a small share of this matter to Hao Tian Group. And then instead of making empty promises, even if there is strong support, there are not many worries about the future. "General Manage.". Don't I know that Yang Haotian is not easy to mess with? Mu Wanqing cold Yurong gently sighed: "But, cooperate with Yang Haotian.". It is by no means a simple consequence of inviting the wolf into the house. Energy, health care, education, these are the big problems in our country. It is not only a technical problem, but also a system problem, as well as the impetuosity of the people. Perhaps Yang Haotian is a successful businessman. But if these things are in his hands, they will be used to the extreme to make money. They don't care about the lives of ordinary people at all. ” "So, late, no, what do you mean, General Manager Mu?" Yu Manshan was slightly stupefied and then asked, "Is it difficult for us to turn these projects into charity?"? In this case, even if we have more money in Maoyuan, we can't fill the big hole. Mu Wanqing did not answer immediately and turned around gently. Looked at the window not far away. Looking at the row upon row of tall buildings, sighing, the voice felt a little misty: "You look at these buildings higher than one, you look at those enterprises richer than one.". However, if you look at these companies, no matter what industry, they all have the ultimate goal of making money. How many enterprises will put their minds on people's livelihood? As long as you can make money, make a lot of money. You can completely ignore the lives of others. There was a silence. Liu Qing was somewhat surprised to look at his wife, who was as touching as a fairy. Really did not expect that Mu Wanqing would have such a compassionate side! Even. Even Yu Manshan can't understand it. Qian Chang even hung his head and put on a look of muddy old eyes and drowsiness. Sun Yat-sen, don't be silly, okay? After a long time, Yu Manshan gave her a gentle push and sighed, "We all understand these things,4 person jacuzzi, and we don't get used to them very much.". But we're just people, not saviors. We don't have the power to reverse this situation. At most, our company makes more money and does more charity. 。