At this time, the arrow of a bodyguard pierced the horse stock, and the Jade Flying Dragon stood up in a rage, lamenting and howling. It galloped a few feet, twisted its body and broke its own leg. The guards swarmed in and surrounded the horse. I yelled, "Don't kill it!" I struggled to climb to Mr. Shangguan's side. Tai Yi lifted the fur with a shiver. "Sir?"? Sir Mr. Shangguan's eyes closed slightly and his slender body bent. He gave me a gentle, frustrated look, and rust-colored blood gushed from his mouth. I shouted: "Come on, help!"! Help I pulled Mr. Shangguan's robe and watched them carry him away. A piece of blue ink paper fell from his clothes and scattered in the snow. Taichi cried, "Kasyapa, Kasyapa.." I gasped and stumbled to the stables. The sun was rising, and the children were curled up in the snow. I cried and picked up Kasyapa, and the galloping horse crushed his spine. The child's body was limp, his bones made a heart-rending sound, and his face was blue. I called him many times, and he called me vaguely, "Jia Jia.." And died in my arms. I burst into tears. Kasyapa, who is thought to be a glutton for food and fun, has his own sensitivity and desire. Since he could speak,heavy duty cantilever racks, he had never called anyone "Jia Jia" as affectionately as Taiyi. But it was too late. I continued to hold him in guilt and pain. Tai Yi cried loudly. "It's all my fault. I asked him to accompany me to see the horse.". As soon as the stable opened, Yufeilong seemed to have seen a ghost. Stepping straight on Kasyapa.. Kasyapa, Kasyapa! How could the Jade Flying Dragon be so cruel and lose its normal state? I was in a trance for half a day and found my arms empty. Tai Yi is sobbing outside the hall. yuanhe helped me to the East Hall. A group of people around the imperial bed. Tianhuan, Mr. Ziyi, Hundred Years, Sun Zhao.. Mr. Shangguan was in a coma. His face was gray and his lips were blue. I called out, "Sir …" He's not moving. Tian Huan's face was extremely gloomy,mobile racking systems, and the chill in his eyes was striking. He gently stroked Mr. Shangguan's forehead. "Why, can it be saved?" Zi Yi twirled his beard. "King Chen was so young that he was trampled by a horse and died immediately.". As for Mr. Shangguan. It depends on his good fortune. His gray beard was wet with tears. "Your Majesty, Mr. Shangguan.." Mind is consumed more than half, he is your strategist, how easy is it? My eyes were misty, and Tianhuan touched Mr. Shangguan's face again. Sun Zhao poured the medicine in, and Mr. Shangguan spit it out. Tian Huan opened his teeth with his fingers, and Sun Zhao fed him again. "Your Majesty," said Hundred Years, "Your Highness Wu is still kneeling in the snow to apologize. You Tianhuan's face suddenly flashed a sneer as thin as a blade. "He can handle the horse he sent himself.". But the dead can't come back to life, and Mr. Shangguan isn't dead yet. What's the crime of the emperor's brother? No one dared to make a sound. I said, "I'll go." Tianhuan did not agree, but looked intently at Mr. Shangguan. The baby in my belly kicked me violently, and I covered my mouth to stop myself from moaning. I went under the eaves. A Zhou's face was pale. He seemed to have accumulated anger, Teardrop Pallet Racking ,warehouse storage racks, but there was nowhere to vent it. The horse went crazy. What happened? How could Yufeilong go crazy for no reason? A Zhou asked me. I shook my head. Huitong said, "Just now the emperor asked someone to question Taiyi and Mrs. Luo, and also asked someone to arrest Shuangbao, who was in the palace with the horse." Occasionally, horses are violent and wild, and people who raise horses in the court have also had accidents of being trampled and kicked to death by horses. But Yufeilong won't go crazy for no reason. Apart from the eunuchs who raised horses, Taiyi was most likely to be hurt by horses. On the second day of the New Year, the prince wore red as usual. Red stimulates the animal nature. In the misty morning, the manic Jade Flying Dragon saw the red in the lantern and rushed straight away. Who knows, it was Kasyapa who died for him. If Taiyi died accidentally, no one would be able to threaten the position of the emperor's brother for at least ten years. However, the jade flying dragon is a Zhou gift, the horse is also his eunuch, this time too one is not dead, Mr. Shangguan is seriously injured, Tianhuan he. I looked at a Zhou. Is he the murderer? No, he didn't have to take that risk. He would never use the horse he risked his life with as a murder weapon. At this time, Tian Huan also came out, his tone suddenly calm, "five younger brother flat body, fierce horse disorder, not you can control.". I don't blame you. Don't blame yourself. Queen, your body is heavy. I'm sorry for your loss. "Your Majesty." Horse "The horse is tied up at the back of the palace. Hundred years, you lead your Highness to go." Tianhuan thought about it, "if the queen still loves the horse, she can go." "Your Majesty." Jade Flying Dragon? I'm in tears. He looked at me and Zhou and said indifferently, "You make up your mind." Yufeilong was tied up by the guards with iron ropes and lay down in the mud of the hut. It kept struggling, but there was nothing it could do, and the horse's mouth was full of gray foam. Its madness had passed, and although the horse's eyes were bloodshot, they returned to their usual brown and black. Zhou sat cross-legged beside the horse's head, put the horse's head on his thigh, and stroked the horse's mane. Tears trickled down from his eyes. I'm in tears, too. I met him in Sichuan and experienced many storms and wars, but he fell down in peace. Shrimp doesn't cry. It's my horse. Why are you crying? Zhou wiped the tears from the horse's eyes with the corner of his robe. He raised his face and smiled like a lotus in the rain. "Jade Flying Dragon, you are not allowed to cry either.". Remember what I told you the first time I took you to war? I said, "yuan Junzhou is a boy, and you are a colt.". A man's heart is as strong as iron. On the battlefield, even if I die, you have to part with me, you are not allowed to cry. I whimpered. A Zhou looked at the cold winter sunshine and sighed, "I was so silly that I didn't expect that we would be separated here after more than ten years of military service.". I thought if I left you in the palace, I could save you from being slaughtered. I forgot that there are different ways to kill people in the palace. I went over and wiped the manger full of blood foam with the jade dragon. Zhou drew out his sword and said to me,cantilever racking system, "Shrimp, go out." "Ah Zhou.." "Get out!" I came out holding the door. Huitong held me. I took a look at the white veil, and the blood foam was mixed with thin purple grass grains.