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What differentiates a personal loan from a car loan?

To pay for a significant purchase, repairs or a vacation, the borrower may be granted a personal loan by the lender. An example of a personal loan that is expressly intended for the purchase of (you guessed it) an automobile is a easy car loan.

There are two types of personal loans: secured and unsecured. An unsecured personal loan is one for which no asset or deposit is supplied as security. On the other hand, a secured loan against a car is one where the lender has property as security for the loan; for instance, if you took out a secured personal loan to purchase a car, the vehicle would serve as security. Consequently, an automobile loan is frequently a form of secured personal loan.

So why take out a personal loan when you can get a car loan to buy a car? Excellent question: car loan comparison is difficult, but lenders have rigorous requirements and limitations for auto loans, and you’ll probably need to use the automobile as collateral, which means they might confiscate it if you don’t make your payments. Older or used cars are frequently unavailable from lenders, and the approval procedure is more involved.

These limitations don’t always apply to personal loans, and some can even have no collateral requirements. However, because unsecured loans carry a more significant risk for the lender, you will generally pay a higher interest rate for this luxury. Additionally, you don’t have to specify what or how much you’re buying with a personal loan, so you might borrow more money than the cost of the automobile and use the extra cash for another purchase.

While the availability of fixed- and variable-rate personal loans is about equal, most secured loans against car, have a set interest rate. Budgeting is made simpler by fixed-rate loans because your payments remain constant throughout the loan, but variable-rate loans may cause your costs to fluctuate.

A Car loan’s advantages and disadvantages


Frequently have interest rates that are lower than personal loans.

Having fixed interest rates most of the time gives you more certainty.

I would be able to borrow more money.


Car is security; therefore, it could be seized if you don’t make payments.

Restrictions on the type of vehicle you can buy

Advantages and disadvantages of a personal loan


The freedom to purchase any vehicle you like

Use any remaining funds for another purchase.


Typically carry higher interest rates compared to auto loans.

How to choose the perfect option for you

Before deciding whether to apply for a personal loan or a car loan, ask yourself the following questions:

Are You sure about the car You want?

If you approach a lender for a car loan, they could want to know every aspect of the vehicle before extending you the money. For that, you must make a car loan comparison. The make, model, VIN, and colour can be necessary. You’ll likely obtain a car loan if you have this information. A personal loan is more suitable for you if you want to secure a loan and then look for a car. However, consider requesting pre-approval if you still desire a car loan and wish to go car shopping.

How old is the car, and is it new or used?

A used car can be up to five years old, but some lenders won’t let you utilise a car loan for that purpose. You have a better chance of getting approved for a personal secured loan against car if you’re looking to buy a used or older car. Before making any decision, ensure to make car loan comparison.

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