Printers can have multiple issues if you do not use them properly. It is a machine capable of printing documents continuously but it is necessary that we provide it break and not over load it. Sometimes what happens is that we are trying to print a document or an image and our printer is unable to do that due to some error that are not recognizable at that point and the screen simply displays, “printer in error state”. Canon printer error code can mean that there is a problem with your printer itself. Another most probable reason can be the connection between your printer and your computer. The very common and main reasons as to why your Canon Pixma printer is not working are print job being stuck, paper jams, faulty connections or driver printer. Let’s see how to Canon printer troubleshooting pixma.

Common ways for troubleshooting Canon pixma printer:

  • Make sure printer error lights are not blinking.
  • Clear the Printing queue in your Canon printer.
  • See if all the connections are right.
  • Ensure there are no paper jams.
  • The printer paper should be installed properly.
  • There should be ink in ink cartridges.
  • The printer driver and software should be updated.

The printer will work smoothly only if the connection between your printer and Wi-Fi network is secure. Let’s have a look at the process for how to connect Canon Pixma printer to WiFi. If your installing your printer for the first time. Connect the power cord and the plug to the socket. Install the ink cartridges and then switch on the printer. The printer comes with a screen. Now, you can search for connecting the printer through a wireless network.

Steps to connect Canon printer to Wi-Fi through WPS method:

  • On the modem, press the WPS button for a few seconds.
  • Your printer will automatically find the network and get connected to it.
  • If the network is password protected. Press the WPS button till the light is stable and enter your password.

Another way of connecting your devices is through the Wireless Setup Wizard option. Let’s have a look at the steps for the same.

Steps to connect Canon printer to Wi-Fi:

  • Go to settings and then press, “Network settings”.
  • Select ‘Wireless setup Wizard’ after this the printer will start finding networks.
  • Chose your Wi-Fi network name and enter your password.
  • Your printer is now connected to Wi-Fi.

Wireless connections are a great and very useful advancement in technological and internet devices. It saves you the hassle of cable connections and wires. Since it does not require wire connection from one device to another, you can simply add your printer to your computer and your phone and run the command feasibly.