Dordle's gameplay is quite similar to its version, Wordle, but with one more distinct element. You have to guess before moving on to the next level in the official Wordle game. However, in dordle, the player must correctly identify not one but two words at the same time to advance.


How to play the game: Dordle

When it comes to gameplay, dordle is related to Wordle. Free dordle and Daily dordle are two types of games available in this title. Free play mode and daily mode both work the same way. The only difference was that the participants in the daily mode always started with the same word, regardless of the time of day. In free play mode you will get new random puzzles to complete whenever you want, whenever you want.


Both game variants use the same set of instructions to determine how to play. It is quite similar to Wordle, but with one important difference: the player must guess both words at the same time. There are seven different solutions to consider for both of these terms. The yellow square shows that the letter that makes up the word could be in a different position. The fact that the green box indicates that the letter is in the correct position and that it is correct.