In  ISO 27001 Certification in Malta, we have an important project to develop, and as we need to hire some expert and experienced partners, for ex: a SaaS company, to make it to the end. Also, you have to be determined about your information security that should be one of the top-priority criteria that has to be fulfilled for the screening process for which the best vendor should be selected.

As we know, one of your requirements might get verified with the of certification with the leading information security standard ISO 27001 Certification, but how will you get to know if the company on the other side of this process is ISO 27001 certified or not?

And, also the important thing is, how do you know that this certification is issued by an official certification body or not? So we will find out the answer in this article.


Request the certification from the vendor

ISO 27001 Services in Malta most of the companies that are certified will be advertising the certification on their company websites and in their products and services. To prove this information alone is not at all enough. You will have to verify with a few essential factors of the certification, so the first step is to request this certification from the vendor.


Essential information on the certificate

ISO 27001 consultant in Malta every certification body will have its procedure layout and format of the certification that they will issue, but there are a couple of important key pieces of information on every certificate that they will issue. We have to choose the best order that is below well it is not based on how it is getting reflected on the certificates, but on how much time and effort is required to verify. So after these things, there is no much reason to verify each aspect the purpose is to only find out the certificate that will get expired a long time ago.


Accredited certification body

ISO 27001 Implementation in Malta we will get to know How do you ensure that your certificate is issued by an accredited certification body

  1. The “International Accreditation Forum” (IAF) will maintain the lists of all the international accreditation organizational bodies that are members of the IAF. The list which is there can be found in the IAF Member List.
  2. From there, we can choices to select the applicable country to then is to look at the list of all accreditation bodies.
  3. The accreditation body listed on the certificate should be listed on the website as well; go to the listed website.
  4. Every accreditation body has a list of certification bodies; the “toughest” part is to look at the correct section on the website of your choice. So, we have the next step that is we have to find out the list of the certification bodies in Malta. So if we are looking at the website from UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service), for example, you will immediately see a link to the “search” functionality which are accredited organizations.
  5. Look for and select the certification body in scope.


How to get ISO 27001 Consultant in Malta?

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