After the recent security breach in Microsoft Office, the company decided to make the app more secure to keep it protected from major threats. Microsoft 365 is a useful software that is utilized worldwide. Just after the incident, Microsoft improved its Microsoft 365 servers to be more secure. To use a better and secure server, users have to follow some major steps to secure their Microsoft 365 account.

Secure Microsoft Windows 365 Account

Set-Up Multi-Factor Authentication

The latest feature for protecting the user’s data is multi-factor authentication. Currently, it is the best way to protect the user’s account information and data. It adds a layer on login security, meaning the user will have to enter an authentication code through the app or phone to access the account.

To activate multi-factor authentication, users will have to go through some security-based steps and login or sign in to their Microsoft account. In the Security section, choose More security options>Set up two-step verification and keep it on for a further procedure.

The first and default authentication method is the Microsoft Authentication app. The following app can be downloaded on mobile devices, and it will provide a unique code to enter. The code expires in a few minutes, so it is mandatory to use it in its given time.

The next method is by SMS. Users can choose to get a security code on their mobile number, and during the time of login, users will receive a six-digit code to verify their account. 

Protect the Password

Another major thing that every user needs to keep in mind is to never save a similar password for multiple accounts. There are websites on the internet that track the passwords of the user’s account, so to be safe, keep special passwords and don’t save them. Make sure to use a long password with some special characters. 

Avoid Falling into Traps

In the new Microsoft security update, users receive an email if they access or visit any untrusted or harmful website. Sometimes after visiting a website, they ask for the personal information of the user like email address and passwords. Once they have that, these websites send an email with links, and clicking those links can disclose personal information like bank account details or credit card numbers. So the best thing a user can do is never click on any unknown and uncommon link.

Protect the Apps

In smartphones or desktop computers, users should use the latest version of apps. They should also download apps from safe sources. If anyone is using Microsoft 365, they can secure their apps and accounts by following the company’s methods. To keep the apps safe, users should keep them up to date. They should update their apps to the latest version to avoid every type of problem.

Recover the Account Easily

The worst thing that can happen to a user is losing an account or getting accessed by someone else. No one wants their account to get lost, but even if it happens, they should take help from the recovery method. Microsoft security allows the user to add an email address or mobile number to recover their account if some accessed it. Users can add any recovery email or number, but it should be of someone from family or friends.

By following these methods, users can keep their Microsoft 365 account safe.


In the digital world, it is easy to find anyone on the internet and their information. Every day, numerous people fall into the traps of fake websites and links. So it became necessary now to be aware of these types of problems. Users must keep their Window up to date and the apps which they are using.

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