Metal foil with futuristic 2D or 3D pattern - holographic foil.

  In the field of printing, holographic printing is performed thermally and obtained with special foils. In fact, holographic paper is in all respects a foil that is heat applied to the relevant material, which can be paper or cardboard, not plastic.

  Holographic foils are made in the same way as metal foils but include an embossed pattern that diffracts light and displays the colors of the spectrum at different angles. It is made through a special technique that involves embossing the foil by using a laser. Thanks to the principle of optical interference, these images can give the illusion of being three-dimensional, even though they are two-dimensional.

  The effect of holographic foil is very popular. It immediately appealed to most consumers. The reflection of light causes the pattern, design, or image in the foil to change color. The larger the hologram, the more light is incident and the more "spatial" the hologram is reflected. The effect of holograms is magical and can be a great way to grab the attention of consumers.

  Holographic hot stamping foils are available in countless variations such as silver, gold, clear, and various other metallic colors. It's good to know that silver or gold foil usually produces the best holographic effect.

  Holographic foils are not only decorative, but they can also be a way to protect a product or brand. Holograms are difficult to imitate or replicate. Holograms are visible (eye-catching) features on packaging or labels. Whether a brand needs this feature of authenticity in the form of holograms to prevent counterfeiting and fraud depends on the value of the product.

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