According to the fulcrum on the pressure plate, friction plate heavy duty truck clutches are mainly designed in two types: push and pull. The design differs in pedal force and clamping load. Using the same pedal force, the clamping load of the pull clutch is estimated to have increased by 30%. Therefore, pulls are more common in heavy-duty applications due to the additional demands on torque and horsepower.

Push clutches are common in light and older medium-duty vehicles. When you depress the clutch pedal on the clutch, the release bearing is pushed into the clutch and the diaphragm spring lets you shift gears.

Pull clutches are common in heavy-duty vehicles. When you depress the clutch pedal, the release bearing pulls away from the clutch. This pulls on the diaphragm spring, allowing you to change gears.

Replacing wear-prone parts in any clutch system is something every truck owner encounters. Proper maintenance and inspection according to the manufacturer is recommended. If you are concerned about clutch life, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1、Don't ride the clutch: This term refers to when you partially depress the pedal. When you do this, you pull the release bearing and remove the platen load. This can cause the clutch to slip and wear.

2、Burn your clutch: This is common when you’re pulling heavy loads, especially when you’re pushing the limit into the engine torque range.

3、Use a clutch with the proper torque rating: When choosing the proper clutch, consider your engine's torque rating and horsepower.

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