Don't waste your turn attempting to figure out what the term is.
Since there are thousands of possible solutions to Wordle puzzles, taking random guesses is not a good strategy. Instead, think of your initial term suggestion as a sort of sacrifice that will help you locate hints. It is highly vital to beat Wordle with a better score, therefore you shouldn't rush to squander his first guess on a word you already know the answer to.

On your initial guess, go with the word that has a lot of people using it.
Choose a word that has letters that are frequently found in other words, such as TEARS, which has the letters T, E, and A in it. Using this strategy, you will be able to get rid of or verify the remaining 5 letter words that provide a hint match or not, and help you arrive at the answer more quickly. Use word finder to have a support.

If you want to have a good score on Wordle, you should get rid of the letters that are less common so that the word may be guessed easily. After then, you can utilize Word Finder to arrive at the correct solution to the puzzle.

Always start a new game of Wordle with the same beginning word.
After you have established that you shouldn't guess the first word at random and that you should select letters that are frequently used, the following piece of advice to keep in mind is to always use the same word for your first guess. If you always use a word on your initial guess that contains common letters, you will give yourself the best chance to solve Wordle more quickly and efficiently.