Plastics are used in a variety of ways in faucets and are generally considered less durable or less suitable for high-quality products. However, this is not always true. It comes in a variety of forms, functions, and qualities, depending on the manufacturer and the specific type of plastic used. Here's what you need to know about plastic faucets.

  In faucet applications, composites and wear-resistant plastics may be the best solution and are essential to provide high performance and durability. Depending on the type and properties of the plastic used, there is a wide range of applications for plastics in faucets.

  Plastics can be used for: housings and handles; cartridges and valves; spout interiors; aerators; pipes and connections; and more.

  Composites combine two or more different materials and can be used for covers, spouts, bodies, levers, and battery cases. These include reinforced plastics such as fiberglass and polymers or ABS composites such as ABS engineering plastics-chrome combinations.

  Composite plastics can also be molded on various parts in the form of plastic-plastic, plastic-metal, or plastic-rubber combinations. For example, in combination with PSU (polysulfone) engineering plastics, this composite structure is often used in medical technology because it is physiologically inert and extremely durable at high temperatures. Composites are strong, durable, and lightweight materials, which is why they are widely used in industries such as medical, aerospace, and automotive.

  ABS engineering plastic parts are widely used in notebook computers, mobile phones, and other products. It is a strong and durable material with good resistance to high and low temperatures and chemicals. Because plastic doesn't heat up like metal when in contact with hot water, it's the perfect material for faucet handles, housings and covers, handles, and shower heads. Another benefit of ABS is that it can be chrome plated, which makes it an easy-to-machine material.

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