The styles of showers are becoming more and more diverse, and the thermostatic shower faucet solves the problem of water temperature. So what are the characteristics of the common thermostatic shower faucets on the market?

1. Good constant temperature effect. In daily use, the water pressure and water temperature in the water heater will change to a certain extent, and the thermostatic faucet can adapt to this situation well, and the mixing ratio of cold and hot water can be automatically adjusted. a very short time. The temperature set at the beginning can be reached.

2. The constant temperature shower system can play a role in safety protection. If the ordinary shower is installed in the bathroom, when we use it, we will open the handle to the side position if we are not careful, which will bring greater danger. The thermostatic shower can avoid this situation very well. As long as the temperature is set well, no matter how you hold the handle in any position, it is not easy to burn.

3. The constant temperature shower system can also prevent the coating from scaling. Sometimes the water quality is relatively poor, containing a lot of calcium ions, so it is easy to scale, and the handle will be difficult to break after a long time. The materials used in the thermostatic shower are relatively special, including the imported thermostatic valve spool, which is not easy to scale.

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