Sex Doll is a one-sided fantasy fulfillment, something close to masturbation, with an object that simulates the female body. For some, the upside is that it avoids all the negative aspects of sex and allows one to enjoy sex to its fullest.

Why can men have sex with dolls?

Sex is sometimes complicated. With a doll or a sex robot, we are alone with an object we manipulate that has no response or programming. This is handy for people who don't want to face reality. Because there is no need to consider any consequences.

Lifelike Sex Dolls look more and more like a person, which can create confusion. Some see it as a healing tool, while others see it only reinforcing certain fantasies. We have to respect the freedom of everyone, but at the same time, if there is a risk of deviance, a real moral issue, it is important to consider the limitations that may exist.

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