The Diablo IV reveal had a huge focus on the game moving back to its roots, looking to its previous, pulling inspiration from its own works with Diablo 4 Gold, dissecting the back catalog, also pulling out all the vital organs to get a transplant. Developers at Blizzard really wish to focus on the horror elements this time around, hence the grotesque and striking Diablo IV announcement trailer, where a demon woman burst through a curtain of blood before hanging it out of her shoulders like a glorious macabre cape.

"The programmers on the team like Diablo 2 the most and what actually resonates with us is that dark element, the dark factor," lead artist Matt McDaid explained to me at BlizzCon. "We believe it the authentic Diablo, and we want to hit on those tones ." There's only so much progress you can make by looking to your past and refecting, though. You need an inspiration, a new spark, and outside influences. To get a feel that was grounded to the entire world, our very own world inspires many of the locations. If it comes to the tales and much more fantastical elements, Blizzard is awaiting anime with reverent eyes.

"Junji Ito and some of the components he brings , kind of shooting boring things and twisting themcreating horror elements inside that -- then there's the Cthulhu mythos and a number of the terror elements there, particularly the fear of the unknown," lead pursuit designer Jason Roberts said.It is a guy who managed to earn fish scary, creating a story where they are being mind-controlled with a sentient germs. In addition, he has a thing for tripping people's trypophobia expect this inspiration to be matched by some enemy designs in Diablo IV.

Blizzard made a statement with the Diablo IV show trailer -- a video that came with a content warning for younger attendees.The footage indicates a sacrificial ritual in gory detail, a revival of an ancient evil, a demon god exploding through a bloody wave before sporting its own stays as a gruesome cloak.That whole ancient evil concept might be a cliche to buy Diablo IV Gold, but there is no denying the art of Blizzard's CGI group when it comes to creating these wonderfully comprehensive animated shorts. I only want that the game had a small percent of the atmosphere.