Maps are PSO2 Meseta no more split into areas with loading screens. NG will have an entirely open world from the home base to the area. The TGS footage showed off a gorgeous new world that's a substantial update from the current game. Blades of grass blow in the wind, lush forests lie on the opposite side of valleys and frosty mountains can be viewed in the distance. Arai mentions that distinct areas can be reached easily by simply traversing the world. It seems like that is the world Naberious from the current game, with forests being next to tundra and other areas. Areas are still technically split up, but there's no loading between these. While it hasn't been directly said, an open world such as this implies there may not be single celebration places . Most shown in the footage were multi-party areas where there were other players. The cap for multi-party places continues to be reduced to eight down from twelve at the current PSO2, but that you see will differ from area to area.

Weather is making a better comeback since it changes dynamically and may affect the battlefield, even though the size of the effect wasn't spoken of. Time will also change, and footage showed several nice touches like fireflies in the woods at night. There is no word on quick travel, vehicles or mounts yet, but Sega has implemented some new ways for players to move quickly across this new universe. Players will have the ability to run faster after a dodge both in and out of combat. A blue streak follows underfoot, so you'll know you are doing it right when you see it.

The other important addition to movement shown off at the initial NG trailer is the slide. It goes as far as some of those screenshots have left it look. Players can get to high ground and leap off to slide and get pretty damn far through the map. Like in Breath of the Wild, you will be able to make you are way up a mountain to glide off from -- but minus anything inhibiting you like stamina. It'll also make for some dramatic entrances in to conflict. Sega mentioned that crafting and gathering would be getting an overhaul, and while we didn't have a peek at crafting, we did observe just how much nicer it is to snag items within the specialty. Gathering can be done on the fly, similar to Dragon Hunter: World. Get close to a product, and just tap a button. Fruit can be harvested in trees, you will find fresh docile creatures that can be searched for meat and other things and healing items are found throughout the land as green luminous indicators called Resta Signals. It is a lot more intuitive than the present cheap meseta pso2