Companies and organizations nowadays use a lot of water for certain processes in industries leading to potable water being unfit for use. Moreover, they are also obliged to decontaminate the water before releasing it anywhere which is followed by the wastewater treatment procedures. All of this is administered by the ISO 14001 Consultants Services in South Africa as 'policy commitments.'

Importance of policy in wastewater treatment.

As there has to be certain upper department's supervision for any undertaking of actions or plans, similarly, a policy for the wastewater treatment to be done with 100% guarantee and surety is a must. Such a policy can also be referred to as an environmental policy because it somewhere does help in the safety of nature. The final commitment, however, is to the wellness of both the environment as well as the company.

The law comes first.

This environmental policy applies to every company whether ISO 14001 certified or not. Also such a law should be given priority as it is helpful in avoidance of threat relating to fines or prosecutions or even loss of the operating license. As a part of its contribution towards the environment, the company should take in voluntary actions regarding environment protection.

How an effluent treatment plant must comply with legal requirements?

This plant removes solid such as sludge and floating oil from the waste water being treated. The remaining particles are removed with the help of hydrochloric acid and aluminum sulphate under the chemical treatment of the waste water being decontaminated. The last step is neutralization of the waste water with lime before its release into the municipal sewer. The quality of the water released in the sewer is subjected to certain limits set by the local authority, like, the contamination level relating to zinc, cyanide, PCB's, PH, BOD, SS, etc. If the level of any of these contaminants is not as per the limit set, then, the respective company is charged for the same. In this way the regulation of the environmental policy is carried on successfully.

How to protect the environment within wastewater treatment?

ISO 14001 Services in Qatar, the most important thing to understand is that the disposal of contaminants, oil and sludge (solid matter) also has a direct connection with the pollution of the environment along with the performance of the environmental policy. So, the commitment to perform the treatment should be accompanied with the sense of responsibility towards the environment.

The bottom line is improvement.

Lastly, companies must make efforts to reduce the amount of contaminants in the waste water being treated. Therefore, clear differences are expected in approach toward wastewater treatment, and in performance, between certified and non-certified organizations.

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