Other than, less or more what Lardar said:Nats through abyss. ZMI Altar. Instead, when free transaction comes back we should see the growth of Air, Law and Double character running again, so that OSRS gold might be a more preferable method, to sit in the altar daily and have people bring essence to you.

I'm considering camping avies soon.my stats are 73 range/80 def/60 pray. Should I use tank method? If what should I wear? Should I just wear my present range armour? The Granite shield works nicely as it has a rather high ranged defense... or if I just wear monk robes and high prayer bonus and beg all of the time?

I have exlibtur to spec (or however u spell it) is there anything greater? (do not say goodbye variation I do not want to devote 10m for it) Kepp that, ideal for recovery. I'll porbably have exbiltur, firestaff+character runes, mithril grapple, saradmoin arrow(saradomin item), 1 free inv area for loot or two, b2p tabs and like 8 range pots and rest sharks and I will fill my terrobird with monksfishs. Should I change ? That is pretty great, but you are going to Buy RS gold run out of terrorbird time/inventory spaces before this it feels like, Maybe only the monks in your stock, it looks like b2p are adequate in 80 defence, however the terrorbird could not hurt I assume, play around with it.