Im not trying to start a war or hurt feelings that like these matches. But this is just like the madden sport and also to Madden 20 coins me personally the movement looks terrible. The crowd looks terrible. The images generally look bad and the animations look cheap. I expected more from a thousand dollar franchise pumping out game following game.And there it is. To making a video game about the US game with no 16, exclusive rights. Either you play with EA's bullshit or don't play (almost) anything NFL related in any way. There is no alternative for consumers. It's suffocating.

And nothing can change because the NFL and EA make a ton of money from these products. Even if a sizable chunk of the gaming world does not like EA or play with Madden it is likely still insanely profitable and relatively inexpensive to maintain churning out.Even if there were competition, there's no guarantee it would be better. If they had baseball or even EA with NBA Live look at 2K. They churned out the same games.

Tecmo Bowl was licensed, it was the first console game to feature NFL players due to a contract with the NFLPA. A football game existing in a halfway fun manner was novel and exciting unto itself no matter when the 8 pixel high players had discernible uniforms.Football games are no longer novel 30 decades later, there's a good deal of expected features as a quiz, and being"official" is a big one.

I like the Madden games because I love football but I have not bought one. They never put any effort in the small details and it reveals. Not a great deal of value in these games.You're not likely to hurt anybody's feelings by describing the shitty company that EA is. The only reason people purchase new ones is to get upgrades rosters and gamers. The NFL and EA are both companies in order that they work nicely together. Does not mean I do not like playing with friends on a Friday night.I dont mistake anyone for playing anything they find interesting. I think I expected a lot more from something as straightforward as buy Madden nfl 20 coins a sports game and the game and cartoon wise looks bad.