Woo was referring to the fact that, typically when tournaments take place in Korea the qualifiers and preliminary matches are played in WOTLK Gold a broadcast studio and broadcast on the internet. Only the finals are broadcast as live events, typically during an entire four or five-hour duration. 

In a nation that is so accustomed to esports and with a wide array of options with regards to live content related to esports it is logical that their frequent events result in shorter events. Compare this with IEM Gyeonggi, which was a 36-hour event that featured three distinct games. Every game played through games on every day, which meant that fans of any esport or team had to watch videos they might not be interested about, despite enduring long distances through Goyang City via public transport or the gruelling traffic jams that are now regular in Seoul in its ever-growing peak time.

There are also brand new Legendary items (and modifications to the existing items) and a means to utilize the quest tracker in order to search for pre-made groups and changes for Artifact Knowledge. It's now much simpler to increase the level of Knowledge on the characters you play as alternate (if you're already at level 110) or on your main character if only reaching the level 110 mark on your first attempt.

One modification that's already received many negative feedback is Artifact characteristics. If you're above 35 points have been made available to be used in PvP battles and will give certain players with a significant and potentially game-changing advantage. It is yet to be determined whether this proves to be true or in the event that Blizzard has an additional unknown change that could make up for this.

Patch 7.1.5 will be available on the 10th of January, which is tomorrow. For more details on what you can be prepared for, read our previous report.The highly-anticipated 7.1.5 upgrade for World of Warcraft launches on Tuesday on January 10, Blizzard announced it today.

Although it's not as big than the 7.2 update to come, 7.1.5 is a big one buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold. It adds Mists of Pandaria content to the Timewalking feature, bringing new rewards as well as content which should be worth the effort even for characters with high levels. Also, it brings back the Brawler's guild, the single-player game mode that lets you take on various bosses. Some are similar for World of Warcraft players.