Pretty certain the Mut 21 coins is the one keeping them out of having things such as that in the match. They left EA take out concussions and career ending injuries a few decades ago, they def won't let em have drug/domestic abuse.

Only reason I knew Fox was with a good season was because I am a Lions fan otherwise do not pay attention to punting stats. Taking a look at the stats now tho it is probably a toss up between Jake and Fox in my opinion. Very similar stats and made the pro bowl. Tress Way has the yards but has 15+ punts over the two.

True accurate, Way punted much more as a result of the deficiencies of Washington's offense but he played nicely. Jake was probably NE's season-MVP (alongside JC, still annoyed he is only a 79) but eh, we'll see Personally would like to see Braden Smith or even Julian Blackmon as our master, rather than a smaller Enormous Q update, but he's the most likely to get it (big nelson fan myself, he's the only player on the current group I have a jersey of) There is no reason whatsoever for James Robinson to get it on Jonathan Taylor. Taylor's stats are better and he's got an 88 vs a 92 for Robinson.

Just took Taylor more to figure it out. He went in thinking he'd be the 2 or 3 supporting Mack the initial year and it's not his fault Reich always went off from the run in the second half. Taylor did it buy Madden nfl 21 coins a playoff search in large pressure games,

Robinson did it on a 1-15 team. That's more impressive for me . Henry will likely get OPOY, therefore it will probably be Cook but he absolutely could function as 95 specialist.