Leather jackets are the most premium and timeless fashion icon for men. Among all the ultimate leather jacket types for men, nothing comes closer to the popularity and styles of  café racer leather jackets.

Café racer leather jackets are subdivisions of motorcycle leather jackets. They are designed to be lightweight with streamlined constructions to give maximum optimization to riders. Men’s café racer leather jackets are widely recognized for their round collar, straight front zipper, and minimalistic style.

Leather jackets send off a strong signal of strength and masculinity. However, the café racer leather jackets take it to a whole new level. They are by far the edgiest and most popular styles. It is popular among bikers and racers but now it is widely used for casual and fashion purposes. People choose to wear it all around the year because of its simplicity and elegance. The major reason for this success is its ease of befitting any outfit and bringing the best out of it.

There are many ways to style your café racer leather jackets and unlimited ways to wear and look cool in them. However, before styling, picking the jacket which fits you perfectly is important.

Choose the Correct Fitting

If you wear your café racer leather jacket properly, it will instantly upgrade your style to give you tough and sleek vibes. Knowing its importance and its impact on your overall outfit and personality, it is essential to ensure that you have the perfect fit. Make sure that the shoulders of your café racer are not drooping or are too tight. Rather they should fit you perfectly to give you flexible movements. Also, check if your men’s café racer leather jacket has higher armholes. It gives more functionality and looks much better. In addition, the length of your café racer jacket matters a lot in bringing the cool out of your personality. The ideal length for the modern-day men’s café racer leather jacket is right above the hip bone. Anything longer than that would look like a trench coat leather jacket. Anything shorter than that would give a cropped top vibe.

Ways to style Café Racer leather Jacket

The beauty of the men’s café racer leather jacket is its versatility. Depending upon the color you choose, you can wear it perfectly on a formal occasion or on a daily basis.

Casual Day Outfit

Café racer leather jackets are comfortable, durable, and convenient. Thus, wearing them on your regular days while running your errands will surely give you cool and confident energy. Since the biker racer jackets are comfortable, they don’t hinder your movements. You can pair it with your usual comfort look, a pair of denim jeans or cotton pants, with a regular tee, and it will instantly upgrade your style. Wear sneakers or joggers, and you are good to go.

Road trip Outfit

Are you going for a long refreshing motorcycle ride with your friends and want to “out cool” them all with your vibes? Well, picking the right outfit to pair with your café racer jacket will give you the exact vibes and comfort you need while you are on your motorcycle. Slide your café racer jacket with denim jeans and a crew neck t-shirt. Go for leather boots to robust your game. Complete your sleek vibes with some bracelets on your wrist and sunshades.

Casual Office wear

Following the constant schedule for your workdays are exhausting. Ut you can surely look forward to what you wear to spice it up a little. You will get a better and cool vibe about yourself and your day ahead if you dress yourself according to your comfort and liking. Throw your café rider jacket with dark-colored khakis or dress pants and a light-colored button-up shirt. Go for sneakers with your outfit rather than shoes to perfect your work-casual look. It will look light and breezy and definitely more attractive.

Winter Layering

Winters are the best time for layering and using your textured clothes. You can pair your café racer jacket with leather pants or jeans and a turtleneck. Choose the colors of your clothes wisely, you surely don’t want to overdo it. Pick leather boots to complete your style. You can throw a muffler to make your own impressive style.

Monochrome with a Bold Color Jacket

If you have a bold color café racer jacket, and you believe it doesn’t suit you, well you just need to pair it up with a perfect outfit. Wear a light-colored plain shirt or t-shirt with dark-colored or black pants. Throw your bright or bold-colored café racer jacket over it to highlight your personality and upgrade your vibes. Wear sneakers or loafers underneath and you are good to go with the safest yet chicer style.

Stepping Up Your Dressy Look

If you are planning to join a smart casual party or any other place that demands a sleek and fancy touch to your style, then we know what you should opt for. Pick some formal pants with a textured button-down shirt, preferably with a tinge of dark colors. Pair them with your café racer leather jacket and you are ready to flaunt the evening. You can always add some accessories like a watch or bracelets according to your liking to complement your style.


So, there you have it. Ways on how to look cool in your café racer leather jackets. You are not bound to stick to these. You can surely experiment with your own different likings, comfort, and styles. But, with style and fashion, the number one rule is stepping out of your comfort zone. Only then you will discover the outfits which look exceptionally good on you.

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