Iop is a really good Dofus Kamas class and will go with sac. Similar to sac, I advice against moving Omni vehicle or hybrid but it would be a fantastic idea to have your sac and iop components that are different. Though chance has the least harm iop can perform pretty much all components.

Is Dofus 2.5 pay? I have played with Dofus in the past around the time that they introduced ogrines but never actually deal with this, and I understand you can get Dofus kamas with it, does it effects alot the current game state. And what course you urge me as a iop player in the past.Technically anything that you can purchase with real cash and has an effect on the Dofus game other than cosmetic is Pay To Win by definition, even though some people prefer to use expression such as"Pay To Quick" because they do not need to accept the reality that their favourite game DO have a Pay To Win facet.

However the legitimate question is to learn whether this Pay To Win has a noticeable bad effect on the Dofus match overall, and that I do not think that it's true for Dofus. You believe"cover to acquire" is exactly the same as"cover to quickly"? These are only two expressions with various meanings. I am unsure how you are equating them.If you will find things you can buy with real money you can not buy, or are unrealistic to buy, with in-game time then it's"cover to acquire". If you're able to only pay for decorative stuff or faster progress then it is"pay to fast". It's less to do without"wanting to Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale take" and more with just the way reality is... It's by definition not cover to triumph.